viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017

The unknown mass that subs to me

One thousand followers nobody knows why they are there

Aitormolinagamer managed to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube, after making videos since 2009 trough two main channels. But the viewers have changed a lot, too young and too old, there is not a “general target” anymore. So people who don’t understand the net follow random users with ease and nowadays 1000 subs aren’t now what they used to.

Making videos or not has the same results right now, same about working hard on them or publishing a first draft. The recent uploads have to be successful in their first day or they would be buried between the web mass. More subs isn’t more feedback like it used to, neither having more views than subs.

That was before, now YouTube is a machine with algorithms that are always evolving and humans can’t get ahead of them. Numbers and views are higher than ever, but actual feedback is like channels had just 100 subs. At least, I like to thank new subs even if they never interacted before. When the page notifies me, I leave thankful comments in their channels hoping to them to comment me back more often, but it never works.

I also can never know why people subs me discounting that English users had to be Lawl of the Dead fans while the Spanish content is a mystery. It can be because Aitor Molina Vs, Bad Animations or Digimon Abridged. So it’s like I don’t have a thousand people to thank because they don’t actually follow me.

But where are the views?

If a new video gets uploaded, it eclipses the previous content with just a few exceptions. Bill Cipher’s moveset is the most viewed video from my channel, the second is Papyrus & Sans’. Hocobop has a nice tour by webseries contests, but those don’t give online feedback. Plenty of people who used to like Jorosahe search critiques to justify not liking him anymore, so they find Bad Animations. And for some reason, Dogmons is commented by Brazilians.

I have been questioning myself why follow the weekly video schedule if it didn’t work trough 2017. There have been good videos like Hobocop, Bizarre March and the last movesets. But the audience that is subbed because supposedly want to help, don’t do it. I could only personally thank “the eternal 7” that do offer feedback and share to let me reach more people. It’s like being in a relationship where they insist on loving you but don’t show it with acts. Those are the actual 1000 because I can’t even catalogue the others in the four types of videos outside of knowing the English can just follow Lawl of the Dead.

Digimon Abridged is watched each time less even if the technical level improves every episode, without even commenting why so I correct myself. I almost left YouTube this year because even efforts to solve this January slope like Bizarre March are ignored by the people who suggested it. 2017 never got over the slope and the feedback was exclusive for the eternal seven.

More effort for lesser results

I professionally scheduled my channel like users with millions of subscribers working with sponsors so they don’t interact with the fandom. I had dozens of private videos that made public one per week. Videos were produced with months in advance, which wasn’t even notified by the viewers. You can’t make a video complaining even if “like and bye” doesn’t count as feedback.

Long story short, viewers aren’t disposed to share because they don’t know they have to. Shamefully, when they comment is to huge channels who surely won’t answer, ignoring the smaller part who would. It’s not about analyzing the entire video, just making known the video was understood. “Good video, ha ha” is fine, but elaborating more than copypaste helps at least emotionally.

The second half of 2017 and first of 2018 is my last college year and a factor that affected creating content. At least, I can say that four years studying Audiovisual Communications let me move outside the net and create things that I don’t always share not to take the credit of the team behind it. I can finally see this window of hope on the working life, when it used to be otherwise.

But where are the Hispanics who say that like Digimon Abridged and want more comedic dubs? Where are the Bad Animations followers? What about the ones who ask for more reviews in Spanish? Videos worth watching are ignored no mattering how much work goes on them.

Thinking outside the imaginary box

Creators aren’t properly valued, the same problem can be adapted to different masses of viewers. Big youtubers who can’t measure themselves with the ones with millions that get sponsored complain about the sharing when they just don’t connect with the right audience. These creators could eat the world if they went out of their comfort zones and move trough markets of ideas and series.

It sounds like a topic, but the net is replacing TV everywhere. Digital series have more future than content for YouTube and videos aren’t mystified. There are so many options that users don’t care and just see numbers instead of people creating free entertainment. Showing creations outside the net lets analyzing the reception and having a more direct feedback than comments. I could be right before a new age of my content, 1000 subs is something to care about and I’m being a bit alarmist as a response. See you after the questions!

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