domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Depressing hope for animation nerds

“Psiconautas: The forgotten children” is the last movie directed by Alberto Vazquez and Pedro Rivero, based on the graphic novel “Psiconautas”. It’s a little capsule of depression that actually shows hope trough its characters: the drug addict Birdboy and a mouse girl called Dinky, who want to escape from an island sunken into shit after most of parents dying on an industrial accident.

Longer explanation in Spanish

The novel can perfectly be read in 20 minutes “and puts you into a state of mind we sometimes need”. It’s an interpretative story from you can take plenty of references. Even if the topic of drug addiction is hegemonic in the picture, other experiences can be applicable, like the 80’s crisis on Spain.

Thanks to the success of short film “Birdboy” winning a Goya, Vazquez and Rivero could finance the movie. It’s a type of cinema that deserves being analyzed because takes its time to establish most of the surreal elements instead of just saying “it’s magic”. The real review will be done scene by scene after the movie is released on DVD.

There are so many consistent pieces and subtle elements I would recommend checking the movie more than once to pick all the easter-eggs. For context, I suggest watching “Birdboy” first if you can’t acquire the novel. Both are interpretations of the same story excellently done. “Decorado” is also an interesting short film by Vazquez to expand the universe. It’s a collection of works to revisit when you feel alone to realize there is still hope.

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