domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Introduction to Anew Day in Bad Animations

The next Bad Animations will deal with “A New Day”, which is light-years away from the fan-fiction based on videogames that still characterizes sprites. The second episode starts promising but becomes the obligatory pool episode with a PowerPoint as a climax. Unlike the pilot, which show an interesting concept with potential of becoming one of the great FlashEstudio shows, this one looks like one of the worst new PDI episodes or a glorified John Show. It could develop an identity by itself if becomes a sprite-parody of the recurring tropes.

The premise is still simple but promising, with some creativity points that should be more focused. For example, not showing Zurfura’s friends foreshadows they will be important characters who hopefully won’t be wasted even if a reboot is planned after the first arc. Too much causality, confusing structure and vague use of the interesting topics. Like a modern PDI, it uses lazy conveniences like a kicking character just for being a Sanji recolor.

Let’s hope the Christmas special “Sauna of the Dead: Anew Party” is as great as it sounds.

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