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Making something that doesn’t rely on transient trends

“War of the Consoles” evolved from independent jokes to fully developed story arcs

Alejandro “Lonk” Valenzuela and Aitor Molina explain they are animation fans who met watching small Spanish channels. They created “War of the Consoles” after talking a lot online when Lonk already wanted to make his own crazy show: The LonkPlays Corner. They shared the modern American cartoons which inspired the “War of the Consoles” series.

Lonk’s idea began with his friends wanting a place to play videogames and do what they wanted without depending on adults. Aitor respected a lot the fact that someone so young had enough initiative to make something that doesn’t fall on transient trends. It was an appropriate for magazines, gaming pages or short Flash animations that work surprisingly well.

When Lonk started to work in his Corner show, Aitor convinced him to write in a blog the ideas he would love to develop on animation. The most interesting concept was personifying videogame companies and making them share an apartment. Lonk always wanted to make something with a defined universe and well defined personalities, so the gaming gimmick was abandoned. Since the only limit in animation is the imagination, plenty stories were invented without relying on preexisting and limited franchises.

Gaming stereotypes becoming actual characters

Lonk published the article where he explained his unproduced projects while Aitor Molina was practicing drawing. He wanted to develop enough capacities to create his “main project”, but it was too unconventional to be produced as a first big deal. Since he loved Lonk’s idea about games, Aitor proposed helping for an online pilot and designing the main characters.

The characters where based of the main three consoles, while the fourth is a “basement dweller”. The cast needed a neutral leader not to over represent any of the ideals and female protagonists. That’s why Toria was designed as a fish out of water who brings together the house. On the other hand, Presley is socially acceptable or not depending on who you ask.

Even if Lonk is young, he feels this is his most important project to date and thanks the opportunity of making it into a pilot. The simple and unilateral plots compiled by Lonk were expanded by character-driven stories in the most meticulous way possible. Characters became “breathing entities” and started feeling like reflexes of actual plain society.

Just entertaining and selling products is not the goal. Aitor solemnly believes the show can inspire and open doors for artists if it’s correctly made. As a final reflection, he tells that people are equal in the end. Differences that make us vulnerable give color to the chain of casualties and evolutions which dictate life itself. Then, he shuts up because “I’m getting ahead of myself”.

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