lunes, 11 de abril de 2016

Learning edition with Lawl

Movesets are a great way to improve video making

Nostalgia Skapokon asked how I would describe the “style” of different lawlers I like and their character selections. So I made a detailed list of every Lawl I follow for the most part. We start with Chincherrinas, the original creator, whose strongest point is the edition and new things he adds.

When you improve making movesets, you stop “losing your time” with mediocre characters who could decrease the general quality. Since a year or so, I noticed that Chin only makes new characters if they revolutionize any aspect. YTPGuy is also an important figure because he made accessible making Lawls without being an expert video maker or cropping. Some of his movesets are even more creative that many of Chin’s. A great legacy and empty slots!

ARL is often said to be the third finest lawler, but I find him overrated. Specially, because I don’t find capitalizing on Team Fortress 2 that interesting and the other movesets are good but not innovative. So I would put it under the previous two and Lawl Nova, which feels like YTPGuy’s spiritual successor for adding stages, objects and starting with characters already suggested to him.

With just a single moveset, Lawl Nitro already has me hyped because he made the best first moveset ever. “Let’s hope he doesn’t let us down”. As for Lawl of the Dead, my intention is focusing on almost unknown media. I try to balance popular and suggested characters to learn edition and visual media.

Other interesting Lawls

Lawl X is a curious case because I love or “meh” its movesets. Amusingly, the more I know its characters, the less I like them and vice versa. I don’t go asking for gratuitous remakes because the effort is apparent. But I would gladly watch a Mr. Bean with more attacks based on the personality and Konata with moves outside the first episode and YouTubePoop.

The next Lawls are the most irregular for their inconsistence on creativity with mixed rosters. I wouldn’t put Lawl X or these even if the Top 5, but they may release the next Game Changer. ASS, the GoAnimate Lawl, is actually creative when it doesn’t rely on nonexistent characters. I can’t call well made an entire thing if only a small percentage is salvable.

If the “movesets with agenda” to promote a certain thing are separated from the “actual” ones, like Lawl Ñoba, cringe worthy fanboys would decrease. I hope it improves instead of abandoning when those become the norm. Meta Lawler is the other way around, style over substance just to make premature movesets: Etemon with three attacks of just singing. At least he has the best stages…

At last, Demic Studio is making the official Lawl game and that’s becoming the mainstream excuse to be considered lawler without doing anything. Its roster will be the same as Chincherrinas with some newcomers like the testing stick-figure and Birdemic guy. The first will provoke silly suggestions, but the second could be salved with a creative moveset. I hope the trailers for the game also get better than just showing the gameplay.

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