miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2015

Let’s hope this is my actual incursion into animation

I revived my hopes on making cartoons and put reviews on second place

Every year, I write an article about my next year’s projects. But this time, I didn’t work on the information as hard as before. So tell me if you want me to go deeper. 2015 has been an actually productive year even if there haven’t been as many AMvs as in 2013 and 2014.

The best part was having the expectably “real” incursion into the animation trough The Fantasia Revenge. It revived my hopes on completing The Dreamscape Kingdom and put the reviews on the background to expand the metaverse before exploding it.

I put The Christmas Revenge as a 2016 possibility because it could be the first project of the year or the last of 2015. I’m not publishing previews or trailers because it’s full of surprises I don’t want to spoil. I know that I already told The Fantasia Revenge being my best one to date, but has been surpassed.

Think about 15 minutes of animation with almost every character you want, an independent story and plenty of attention to detail. I want it to be enjoyable for both my usual fandom and new potential viewers. I also think I will make another cartoon without review before bigger ones without big ideas or many voice actors just to reestablish preexisting characters in the animated canon.

Console War isn’t an idea entirely made by me, but I’m practically the co-creator. Lonk wanted to make a sprited sitcom related to videogames without making fanfiction. Since I developed the idea until created the characters and plenty of episode concepts, it’s now the first original Friendzone Team series.

My first cartoon since 2012

The Fantasia and Christmas Revenge could be considered the spiritual pilots for Console War because shares animation, humor and storytelling style. Most of Episode and Season 1 is already planned and the only thing before animating would be scripting the dialogues.

Vintage AMvs has been put on second place from half of 2015 and probably most of 2016 but the Spider-month and the yearly “Years Fucking” vlogs. I couldn’t make a third anniversary special before making more reviews. The idea for the topic changes almost every month and I can’t confirm anything until I start working on it. I can only reveal Spider-month and The Christmas Revenge.

The Dreamscape Kingdom (El Reino Onírico) is the big one, so ambitious that I can’t abandon it even if it’s changed even more. It’s not even my best idea, but an important event in the metaverse’s chronology. That’s why a possibility is reducing it to the third anniversary special and calling it The Dreamscape Revenge with a tie-in review.

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