martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015

Breaking the mainstream agenda

Creators have to develop their own formula and substance

This article will briefly generalize the most typical and cheap suggestions a content creator receives to assure some views. It works for any type of derivative projects, from movesets to reviews. There is a “mainstream agenda” that covers every type of media and guides masses without personality. That’s why the worst ideas should be self-imposed instead of suggested by fans.

Since most of followers will ask for well-known content, creators have to develop their own formula and substance. Good ideas have to be prioritized over temporal trends to mark the tastes and personality. Once the limits are established, suggestions could be classified into pertinent and silly ones. The second type only works for jokes and parodies.

Media can be recycled without rehashing because a single work let’s you make an article, vlog, gameplay/commentary, review, moveset, song or animation about it as long as you put effort and investigate. People manipulate media and give it new meanings and memes, so intelligent fans have the real power.

The creators construct their personality

Each creator has to find his own personal touch, mine for example is being unexpected. I love making known things nobody talks about and relating them to each other instead. I love derivative works like animations and fanfilms as long as they have a different identity to the sources.

Repeating qualities instead of developing them makes the uniqueness expire, Keygen is not just an informatics concept and MC Dinero doesn’t represent only shitty Web Original rappers. If I can get Lawl of the Dead fans or Lawldites used to cult unexpected characters, anybody can develop an identity. Still surprises me that genuinely interesting characters work better than celebrities or even the most famous memes and fan-favorites.

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