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The most typical and lamest suggestions

Works have to be done just when you can add something new

Nostalgia Skapokon asked me about the most stupid suggestions I received for both the reviews and variety show Aitor Molina vs. (AMvs) and Lawl of the Dead. Since it’s the first question which I complete every character on the Ask webpage, I adapted the answer to an article so everybody can read it.

It’s devastating when presumably intelligent followers suggest things just for being a fashion trend. Suggestions for game reviews use to be the lamest for AMvs even I recorded one for the Spider-month and I have a complete script for a stand-alone one.

“Typical” suggestions like Minecraft of Five Nights at Freddy’s annoy me a lot, the same for movies with already good and well-known reviews: The Phantom Menace by Red Letter Media, Dragonball Evolution by Marmotameister or The Las Airbender by Nostalgia Critic. The only exception could be Foodfight because I discovered it before Jontron and Doug Walker made it known. But I don’t really think that I could add nothing new after watching it entirely.

The most stupid suggestions should be self-imposed instead of by fans when the show still hasn’t a formula. I already explained many times the “rule of three” in Friendzone Team’s podcasts. It’s the reason I cancelled the Attack on Titan review and the Top 20 Reviews I will (or not) make came earlier.

Worst suggestions than Goku or Shrek

I recently thought a joke-moveset like Plush Pichu to represent the silly suggestions I receive for Lawl of the Dead. Without spoiling the moves, I can write about the petitions I won’t use in the moveset. For example, characters already well-made by other lawlers are understandable. But most of the times people don’t even search if they already exist before commenting. Like when my 400th subscriber suggested me “Frodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

Then we have the forced rivals that Sonny Slaven likes so much: Jean Valjean if I put Javert in my Lawl, Eddie Brock if I add Emo Peter and Toon Ib with Toon Mary if Chincherrinas makes their counterparts. Don’t get me wrong, I love rivalries to verify that my characters have so much personality that could naturally clash in unexpected ways. Also, if a Smash or Lawl character has a Toon different enough to the original. But including rivals just because it’s how they are in their sources shouldn’t be more important than good movesets.

Unexpected Characters that become Expectable

At last, we have characters suggested just because they derive from out of the box fighters I made with unexpected success. I still can’t believe that such different and cult characters like Keygen and MC Dinero can be loved by fans who for the most part only ask for celebrities like Bill Cipher or Dross.

The downside is that Unexpected Characters lose their uniqueness when similar characters are suggested to represent a similar quality. For example, Keygen paid the road for fighters based on Informatics like Facebook and Twitter. While MC Dinero made “acceptable” asking for random web-rappers without thinking on their moveset potential. If their name is MC Something, some Lawldites (lawler+deadites) will ask for them just because. At least they don’t suggest themselves like Sonny Slaven after being in two Lawls.

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