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“Comedy is subjective, but failure is universal”

Did they pick actual annoying people for the roles or that was intentional?

I don’t want to lie, so let’s say that Shyncrica’s “About the new” should had gone “full The Room” because it could be the most professional sweded sitcom ever made. Even if I won’t refer to it in a “Bad Animations” tone, this is a comedy that didn’t make me laugh even if it looks well-acted. What I mean is that technical aspects are so well done that saying if the actors were good or just picked for being what their characters represent depends on your positivism.

Did they pick an actual “polygoner” girl as main lead or does she really sound like that in real life? Characterization is so annoying that doesn’t let us laugh with them or even at them. The tone is inconsistent on how smart and silly it tries to be at the same time. But at least it doesn’t take itself as a regular webseries or Spanish cliché storm.

The intentional best part was the 15 minute format, great variety of places and cinematography. It could easily be the next “Badliving” or even “Community” if the script improved. I put those examples to imply these improvements aren’t related to budget and both received positive reviews since the first episode.

And then, there are punshitters

On the other side, we have a watered down humor that recycles overused clichés like Benny Hill chase scenes and overexplainings of every joke. The gags fail and diffuse the identity of the product because is presented like a serious project with childish and unimaginative tropes. It sounds like a spoof movie mixed with Santi the Clown and a modern cartoon wannabe.

I have plenty of suggestions to improve the show as constructive criticism, like the previously mentioned ones. But the last nail in the coffin was a comic couple I call the “punshitters” because their only goal of their scenes are to annoy the most of the viewers outshining even the choni main protagonist.

In conclusion, let’s hope that the first season isn’t doomed yet even if it’s too late to rerecord episodes. Since I want Shyncrica to prosper, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I lied about what I think. Looking back to their previous projects, we know they can do better in a hypothetical second season, which would work better as a spiritual successor not to watch this one. Comedy is subjective, but failure is universal, I hope we see the best of them soon.

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