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The Spanish equivalent of “The Room”, but unbelievably unfunny

Humor so flat that becomes negative

I’m unable to lie, so I will be as sincere as possible while trying to be the less hard I can on this treacherous webseries. It’s not the same to be cynic on a “Bad Animations” made by some goofball in a couple of days than ranting on such a big project with months in the making. I don’t feel comfortable making jokes “About the new” series, but it’s the only way of making it justice. I will compare this to Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” to contextualize, a drama film so hilariously bad that cinephiles pay to watch it on tours around the world.

Difference is that “About the new” is moderately well acted not counting two characters. Even its style doesn’t go full Internet-humor or stereotypically Spanish, it takes a middle point in a “so bad it’s good” way. Involuntary comedy and technical aspects are the strongest points of this show, so I think they should had gone “Full the Room” on the delivery.

Let’s start with the positive aspects: the series (fails on) being a college comedy, so the first two episodes are a double pilot to present the characters in a correct format, a quarter hour for each episode. Voluntarily and presumably voluntarily, technical aspect and characterization are the best parts. It would be too easy making a three-camera sitcom, so they asked to record on plenty of places and that gives them a solid 8 on that matter.

The best character is by far the hyperactive girl, who makes us wish the series had been just about her perspective. She ALL-MOST made us laugh because the joke of her being the sister of the sexy classmate was well established. But the punchline failed on its delivery because the protagonist had to faint.

Professional technique, laughably bad execution

The fainting scene lets us think that the screenwriters had a minimum idea of making humor, but like the webseries itself, failed on the delivery. I want to presume that actors were just well characterized and not picked just for being what they represent. For example, the protagonist makes her debut making her up in a road while driving, so we immediately despise her. She annoys so much for being the stereotypical choni or Spanish “polygoner” women. It’s really ambitious having such an unlikable main lead that also references the female Mister Jagger characters.

So one of the biggest problems is character-related, they annoy so much that you can’t enjoy the show or laugh with them. It doesn’t have to be mean-spirited to make laugh, but they got trunked in a middle way that doesn’t pay-off. The humor is so flat that becomes negative! They lost a lot for trying to be that PC (Politically Correct), a little edge wouldn’t hurt.

We don’t know what were the screenwriters thinking while writing the jokes because the target audience is very ambiguous. This is supposed to be a comedy because the canned laughs, which wouldn’t be needed if the humor wasn’t that white, first-worldly and saccharine.

Just compare the first episodes of “About the new” with “Badliving”, both Spanish webseries that started without budget and analyzed by Friendzone Team. One managed to make us laugh a lot in its first episode, the other not even with the schlocky transition and shitty pop music.

Even they parody Benny Hill!

The humor is so fascinatingly terrible that feels like drinking bleach because they fucked-up the only joke that almost made us laugh. I lament recurring to this words, but I can only transmit my feelings saying that looks like written by 13 year olds. The concept itself is so lost and diffused because the technical aspect is so freaking good! But the jokes are so cheap that they belong in “Disaster Movie” or “Epic Movie” before than a webseries. Desperation is what causes such a great technique with the retard and hard to watch tropes. Makes one wonder how this was redacted, read, commented and laughed by professionals. It’s like they only liked it because they appear.

Overused jokes and clichés include characters talking directly to the camera while they talk in a conversation, scenes with different audio quality, vague efforts of surreal humor, a GPS that sounds like Santi the Clown, canned-laughed and forced pop culture references, a probably unintentional Bill Cipher expy and, the worst of all, a royalty free Benny Hill montage!

I would like to give some suggestions to helping the improvement, so the previous paragraph consists on that. But an honorific mention goes to the characters introduced in the second episode with the apparent motivations of overacting and angering the audience. It’s bizarre that a show starring a choni and thousands of desperation screams can be out-annoyed by these two characters I want to believe they are just “well-portrayed”. Their roles involve saying stupid things each pair of seconds like if they were pandering to Tumblr users or wanted to become memes.

In conclusion about this calamity

They have to improve a lot to be acceptable, which doesn’t seem likely if they already produced the entire first season. “About the new” could be the next “Badliving” or even “Community” if they took the script a bit more seriously, because the professional aspects are notable just in the other disciplines.

If they hadn’t finished the first season, we would say to cancel the rest of the episodes or completely change the direction to correct mistakes. I want Shyncrica to prosper, but this killed me. We want them to succeed with something genuinely good and comic, not because a fanboy commented that was supposed to be intellectual humor.

Why should we lie about this? They wouldn’t learn what was disliked if I resumed in 4 pages that I laughed out loud. Such a dreadful starting could stain the trademark quality of the company, even if the second season gets way better. They could imitate a Channel Hop with a spiritual successor maintaining most of the cast and characters.

It looks like I ask for forgiveness just to compensate the bad aspects, but I really felt like I was punched in the belly. Even first-grade college students can make better comedy that doesn’t look like a letter soup. Good luck for Shyncrica and I hope to see the best of you soon.

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