domingo, 11 de octubre de 2015

A morbid pastiche with plenty of visual humor

“Possessed” is a groovy horror stop-motion comedy perfect for Halloween marathons, which illustrates Spanish pop culture as a B-movie. It’s the first Spanish animated film in a while not being an adaptation or considered good just for being national. The trailer doesn’t make justice to the movie because misrepresents the way that tropes are used in the movie. It’s not a parody, but a morbid pastiche with plenty of visual humor. The references go from Lovecraft and “Evil Dead” even to “The Simpsons”.

I thank SAM (Samuel Ortí Martí) for making a clay-animation picture instead of generic CGI that loses al the Aardmanesque magic. It totally deserves more attention and could put Spanish stop-motion in the map if the word to word gives it enough recognition. I hope that a decent DVD with documentaries compensates the shamefully limited release even in Spain.

This film made me want to meet SAM because breaks all the targets for me: a tone reminiscent of Torrente, church satire, Santiago Segura, not overusing José Mota in the dub, making flamenco music tolerable, Aardmanesque animation, well-written Spanish jokes by Rubén Ontiveros and endless tributes to the horror genre make the movie unforgettable.

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