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From THR5 to The Dreamscape Kingdom

A cool excuse to crossover every year

The Dreamscape Kingdom has been rewritten so many times that lost the sense of being called The Halloween Revenge V (THR5). The new college year will slow my projects, so the film is the main one until I develop the entire first act. From the first Halloween Revenge to the fourth, the names were important and recognizable, but nowadays is just an excuse to make annual crossovers.

Infernals & Lemons revolutionized the animated specials for its single storyline instead of three shorts format. It raised the stakes so much that its follow-up is delaying for almost two years since it probably won’t be available this October. At least, we have had meaningful incursions to the continuity between like Infernals & Yrions, and the anniversary specials. The most talked “special” for this Halloween in the Audiovisual Creation Group are the Console War pilot, a collab between reviewers for the 1964 Fantasia movie and a grindhouse review.

It all started as an extended ending for the first anniversary, which originally a stand-alone review more than an hour long. It was separated in two parts not to delay it too much, like what is happening after calling The Dreamscape Kingdom a THR. The original concept had the first part almost the same, but the second was going to end with Dreamcrusher taking me in the Khan Building to Mars so I could return with Red Leo Trilogy characters as canon.

Excuse ending to return characters

The alternative ending wasn’t productive, just a fast gimmick to canonize Red Leo Media characters to use them on AMvs, just some  insignificant cameos not to wait to Halloween. Since the first Dreamscape Kingdom scenes were written thought 2014 to be animated by Oscar Alejandro Bossi, it was put aside for the second Nightmare from Hell season and more AMvs. That complicated the continuity between reviews and film.

If the script wouldn’t be rewritten, I would have to act as if “everybody new” what happened in the movie because the storyline couldn’t continue. I had to direct the animation from where Oscar left not to delay a second entire year. The continuity porn was lighted because there were too many references to previous works they couldn’t be enjoyed and was pretentious.

Creators have to assume they should detect previous mistakes where they couldn’t find them before. Instead of remaking what was already made, history has to continue to get better. The previous attempts to make a movie were abandoned because the story wasn’t good until the third effort: Alien War Stories (2009), The Cross Battle (2011) and Bidaia (2013).

The biggest recurring mistake of the “failed trilogy” was to need help from too many unprofessional or apathetic people. Bidaia was the only project good enough to deserve a second chance after the Kingdom with the name Atlantis Maiden. It would be a celebration of its own existence.

Thousands of parallelisms without parodying

The Dreamscape Kingdom has plenty of similarities with cinema, animation and other art which serve as tributes instead of parodies. Referencing doesn’t count as good writing when they don’t mind nothing or require previous knowledge to be understood. The first draft took itself too seriously and wasn’t enjoyable.

Differing the special from the review it wasn’t enough to make a complete retool, the story still began in Mars to “rescue and return” characters. Since it wasn’t necessary, wasn’t an appropriate base and was only used not to waste Panshios and Natha’s voice talent. I couldn’t include Detective Enigma’s John DiMicco role, but his new incursion will be even better.

First scenes of the movie are before the initial credits opposing James Bond’s which aren’t used to relate to the main plot. This trope will be inverted because links with the previously made projects, both to canonize and discanon. Justifies some minor details to establish a main character and kicks the plot.

Since saying that a character won’t appear doesn’t count as spoiler, Leo isn’t there the same way the movie doesn’t start rescuing characters from Mars in Lemon Emon’s ship. The story closes itself at the end and most of the characters will be alive for future crossovers like Atlantis Maiden and PDI.

Mars will have atmospheric Royalty Free music mashed-up to create new tunes. It will still have original tracks by Voltiok Atomic and Panshios’ musician from cancelled games. To bookend, the first scene involves this image and the “Dessert Clams” music. More than 90% of the animation will be made by me with a couple of scenes by The Lam Rop Studios and a guest animator. Friendzone Dubs will voice half of the voices too.

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