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Infernals & Yrions ENGLISH

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Pesadillas del infierno 2 Infernales e yriones from Oscar Alejandro Bossi on Vimeo.

NOTE: (Perfect to read during the opening)
“Infernals & Yrions” is the third episode from the second season of “Pesadillas del Infierno” (Nightmares from Hell). It’s the first time that his creator, Oscar Alejandro Bossi, let a guest to write an entire episode. Since I’m a huge fan of his show and we worked previously on “Infernals & Lemons” (THR4) and the post-credits scene from the Season 1 Finale, I offered to script an episode that could introduce newcomers to the show.
The concept started as a joke because Josué Yrion is a Hispanic meme for making hateful speeches about videogames and anime. Since he uses to link everything with the Devil, who is the comedic relief of this show, many people joked about him being a PDI villain.
What started as a simple “what if Josué Yrion and Oscar met” developed into a deconstruction of the show, spiritual successor of “Christmas Holocaust” and a perfect introduction to the world in “The Dreamscape Kingdom”. We want to make a trilogy about this in the upcoming years.
*The opening ends at 1:29*
Episode 3: Infernals and Yrions
PRESENTER: And now, with us… Josué Yrion!
*His entrance*
JY: Thank you, thank you all, very nice!
JY: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a really special program for today!
JY: This time, we won’t talk about cursed videogames. Today’s problem is way bigger, a danger among us.
JY: A bigger threat than Gunshot, Porkérion and Lemon Demon* together!
*Gunshot and Porkérion are games that exist while Lemon Emon is a character who debuted in fangames too.
JY: This is… completely real and a hundred percent perturbing*.
*Dross’ catchphrase.
JY: Look at the screen, I’m showing you a chain of happenings.
JY: Two years ago, land started to tremble in the wasteland near the city. Each time there were more cracks in the earth out of nowhere. I thought that God was trying to send me a message, so I investigated and found this.
*Screenshots from the pilot/OVA*
JY: Yes sir, a robot fighting a man and a red being alongside him. Gentlemen, this is real, not a montage.
JY: Any professional could confirm it’s real. Since then, I compromised on discovering what those infernal beings were.
*Screenshots from the alien invasion episode*
JY: Do you remember when aliens attacked the city without reason?
JY: Guess who was also there! Yes, that boy from the last occasion with the red man and a masked terrorist!
*Screenshots from the Season 1 Finale*
JY: These images are more recent. Do you remember the robot from two previous years? It actually was a guy in a robotic armor. Could you tell who?
JY: He was Jorge Start, son of Alberto Stark, the brilliant scientific who died in that tragic traffic accident. And the cursed boy, recognized by witnesses as Oscar Alejandro Bossi, was who sangfroid assassinated innocent Jorge.
JY: And wait, there is more, guess which other genius did Oscar killed.
JY: That’s right, Professor Crazyvich, who used to improve those disastrous Mandarin electrical appliances*.
*A gag from Infernals & Lemons.
JY: He created an exoskeleton similar to Jorge’s armor to fight satanic boy Oscar, but he looks to have powers from unknown limits.
*Screenshots from episodes where Oscar visits other lands*
JY: Photos that confirms Oscar as a friend of the Devil* appeared all over the world. If he isn’t a criminal, why some disaster happens every time he appears?
*Yrion’s catchphrase in his speeches’ remixes.
JY: Some anonymous sources tell that Oscar killed Jorge and Crazyvich to obtain the power orbs*.
*The macguffins from Season 1 which Oscar saved from the others.
SOMEONE IN THE AUDIENCE: And what do you propose, Father* Yrion?
*Did I mention that Yrion is a priest?
JY: I propose… finding him… and stop him before it’s too late. This man hasn’t good intentions and it’s a public menace.
JY: We aren’t talking about games and cartoons now, this being has broken the barriers of fiction* and wants to submerge our reality into chaos.
*Ironic since real life Oscar makes vlogs and gameplays.
AUDIENCE: Jesus will save us!
JY: You fool! Jesus died two thousand years ago, he’s dead!
AUDIENCE: Let’s make a cyborg!
JY: This monster has been destroying androids since we know him, we are bored of so many robots!*
*People complain about how uninteresting PDI villains use to be.
AUDIENCE: But cyborgs are cool!
JY: Probes don’t lie. Oscar is linked with evil and has to be eradicated.
JY: If he isn’t the enemy, I invite him to come tomorrow to my program. If he refuses, he will show us he has to hide his real intentions. So… we had to counter and stop him by ourselves.
AUDIENCE: And we’ll turn him into a cyborg! I’ve been practicing with guinea pigs*.
*A cyborg guinea pig? Coballita Mix!
JY: You will come tomorrow to my program and will show us what you really are in front of the world, Oscar. Don’t make us do it against your will.
*Oscar is having flashbacks to his killings on the Season 1 Finale and remembers the Mayan God from the Christmas special, since he is expected to be the main villain from Season 2*
*The Devil interrupts Oscar’s meditation*
OSCAR: You don’t need to scream, the little sound you make when you run is enough to know that something is altering you.
DEVIL: Yes, it’s something that Josué Yrion said on TV!
OSCAR: Josué Yrion? That charlatan who hates games and anime? He’s a demagogue*, don’t give him attention.
*Demagogue is a popular word in Spain to accuse celebrities.
DEVIL: But it was about you! He said you are dangerous!
OSCAR: What could he know about me? He probably was talking about another Oscar.
DEVIL: No, he showed photos of our fights against Jorge! He has been spying us since we know each other!
OSCAR: Are you saying he knows about the existence of Hell and who we are?
DEVIL: He didn’t call Inferno and me by name, but he knows even your surnames!
OSCAR: If he knows my identity, what would stop him to know about my parents and… SOFIA!
DEVIL: And I am the Devil, nice to meet you*
*Throwback to his presentation on the first episode.
*A group of paparazzis are interviewing Oscar’s mother*
PAPARAZZI: Is it true that your son is a dangerous criminal?
MISS BOSSI: He doesn’t even finish his vegetables! I always tell he has to lose weight, he’s growing a Lázaro belly*.
*”How fat is lasaro!”
PAPARAZZI: Do you know what your son does when he goes outside?
MB: Going outside? He spends all the day sleeping. On the other hand, he’s an outstanding student.
PAPARAZZI: Will he go tomorrow to Yrion’s program?
MB: I don’t know, I’m asking him as soon as he wakes up. I’m a bit busy, see you other day.
*Dreamy Oscar, the superpowered entity, returns to his body and wakes up when the paparazzi go out*
MB: At last is time to waking up for you!
OSCAR: Sorry mom, final exams are coming and I need to sleep a lot to study as much as I can.
MB: I have been talking with some reporters who were asking many strange things about you.
OSCAR: What type of things?
MB: Stupid things, they thought you are some kind of criminal. I’m sure they confuse you with your cousin with the same name*.
*The one who appeared in the Season 1 Finale stinger.
OSCAR: Do I have a cousin with my name?
MB: Yes, you have a second cousin called Oscar too. Don’t you remember him from when your uncle got married?
OSCAR: Of course, my Arabian cousin. I only saw him once, but we looked like twin siblings.*
*This little Frollo Show reference was going to be a plot-point in the sequel-episode I would have written if Oscar didn’t make a live-action movie contradicting it and retconing the cousin as an alien.
MB: Well, I never told you not to concern you, but he was imprisoned.
OSCAR: My cousin is a delinquent?
MB: I couldn’t tell you, I lost contact with your uncle after the guerrilla in his country. I hope they are all right.
*The door rings*
OSCAR: I think she’s Sofia, we met to walk.
MB: Right, your girlfriend Sofia, when are you going to introduce her to me?
OSCAR: Give us more time. We just started to go out.
*Oscar and Sofia are walking*
SOFIA: Oscar, why are you so quiet?
OSCAR: I was lost in my own thoughts, I have just made known that I have a criminal cousin.
SOFIA: Do you think that Yrion confused you with him?
OSCAR: I’m not sure, my mother thinks that, but Devil says that Yrion has photos of us and the dates coincide with our fights.
SOFIA: What a mess, what would happen if your secret was revealed?
OSCAR: I never wanted this to be a secret. This is how I am and I feel good about it. If I wanted to hide it, I would dream myself with a different aspect. Look how little I care that I didn’t even try that.
SOFIA: Yes, but it would affect your private life. I don’t know if you noticed, but we are being watched a lot. Can we go to another place?
OSCAR: In this moment I’m awake, I don’t have infernal powers, I’m vulnerable and I could die.
*A silhouette you could recognize from Pikeyo*
SOFIA: Someone is coming right to us. What if he wants to hurt us? Yrion has put you at the same level than Kim Jong-Un, any crazy guy could try to act like a hero attacking you.
OSCAR: Don’t worry, Sofia, I have the perfect costume.
PETER KENT JOHNSON: Aha, I knew it was you!
*Oscar put some glasses*
PKY: Do you think your Oscar costume could trick me, Doctor Pandemia*?
*A character played by me just adding glasses.
*Busted Ballscar!*
PKY: If you repeat what you did on the Christmas from 2010*, I will put a corkscrew** trough your ass! We would see how well you speak with the letter A**!
*Christmas Holocaust, so many characters return here…
**Double reference to Pandemia’s debut on a video by Celio Hogane.
*PKY leaves*
OSCAR: We may not bleed once a month, but women won’t ever know how a hit in the balls hurts.
*Sofia hits Oscar*
SOFIA: Oscar, I don’t know if you noticed, but you are a completely different person when you are awake.
OSCAR: What do you mean?
SOFIA: I don’t know, you are strange today, colder and more distant than regularly. I’m sorry that Yrion has done that to you.
OSCAR: Sofia, I don’t care about Yrion, I don’t care about what he could do me and I actually don’t care about anything when I’m awake.
SOFIA: What did you try to say with that last one?
OSCAR: I’m a bit tired of all. There’s always someone trying to kill me, even when I was a child. I just want a break.
SOFIA: And what happens with me? Don’t you care about what could hurt me? Oscar, you are the only thing left I have. I lost my father and brother!
SOFIA: I don’t know if I would have done any crazy thing if I didn’t meet you!
OSCAR: Meeting me was a crazy thing for you!
*Sofia goes away heartbroken*
OSCAR: Great, she got upset, but I can’t blame her for not being able to understand me.
INFERNO: Or maybe you are who doesn’t empathize.
OSCAR: Inferno, how much have you been here?
INFERNO: Enough to see your soap opera.
OSCAR: That’s not funny, Inferno.
INFERNO: Of course not, she’s a good girl and has been trough very hard times at a very young age.
OSCAR: And what about me, Inferno? I’ve been fighting for two years*, wasting my time and effort on saving lives which don’t even recognize me!
*I&Y could be called a second year anniversary special. The first would be the Alien Invasion and the third Dreamscape Kingdom.
INFERNO: You have never been alone. Your parents and teachers defended you and now you are protecting their lives. Moreover, you know that Devil and I are to protect you if things go out of hand.
OSCAR: I know, but I’m not being ungrateful.
INFERNO: Yes you are. Sofia has no one.
*Flashbacks to previous episodes*
INFERNO: She has always been alone, with no one to help her. Her brother was never with her, he ignored. His miserable vengeance thirst consumed him.
INFERNO: But she never let down. Each day, she gave the biggest smile she could to her brother, waiting for the day he would forget his endless crusade and return to normality.
INFERNO: That day never came, he redeemed too late.
INFERNO: Think about this, Oscar. You killed her brother. Now, you are her only hope to have the life she deserves.*
*This is basically Sofia’s life in a nutshell. She didn’t even have a personality before this episode.
INFERNO: Another person would want to avenge her brother killing you, but she selected seeing the bright side of her situation. I think you should do the same.
*Oscar is crying*
INFERNO: Do you know why heroes wear masks?
OSCAR: Yes, it’s not to protect their identity, but their love ones.
INFERNO: Then, be patient and don’t expect any reward. Sofia knows you don’t care about what Yrion says, but that doesn’t mean she can suffer from both.
OSCAR: Thank you a lot, Inferno. I will go to the program to show I’m not a common dreamer.
*Oscar hugs Inferno and he doesn’t like it*
INFERNO: No, no, ok, but don’t tell this to Devil.
*Inferno returns the hug*
*Oscar is back in Hell speaking with Devil*
OSCAR: What you heard. I’m going to the program and clean my name.
DEVIL: SERIOUSLY? I can’t believe it!
OSCAR: That’s why you have to promise me you are not coming even if things get out of hand.
DEVIL: Did Inferno really let himself be hugged?
OSCAR: Please, concentrate, I think we have been working in the shadows too much time. But it would be too impacting presenting all of us at the same time.
OSCAR: The world has to see we are here to help them. I have to be on “The Yrion Hour” and convince them we aren’t the enemy.
DEVIL: Good luck, Oscar.
DEVIL: I prepared you patties* if you get hungry. Some of them are tuna and others octocats**.  I was going to put stickers so you could tell the difference, but I hadn’t time***.
*Devil’s first design was called Patty Monster for how ugly it was.
***Back to the Future, anyone?
OSCAR: Thanks, Devil.
OSCAR: What?
DEVIL: I put there some serviettes so you don’t get dirty from tomato.
OSCAR: Fine.
*Oscar leaves*
DEVIL: And don’t forget brushing your teeth. Your teeth, Oscar! YOUR TEETH!
*The Yrion Hour begins*
PRESENTER: And with us… Josué Yrion!
JY: Thanks, viewers. People, we did it!
JY: Oscar, the evil emissary, has come to the program.
JY: We also have another guest, a friend who also used to sing but decided to follow the Lord’s steps instead.
JY: Applause to Milton Torres, Papo man*!
*Yes, he exists and the description is accurate.
JY: Hi Milton, do you know today’s guest?
PAPO MAN: You won’t believe it, dude, we have been looking for Oscars many years and we finally found him!
*Papo man starts singing “Dame tu chocho” (Give me your pussy), the song that was rewritten as “No fumes más marihuana” (Don’t smoke more marihuana)*
JY: No, Milton, please, that song is inappropriate in a show dedicated to the Lord.
PM: Sorry Yrion. C’mon, dude, introduce the sinful!*
*I would like to use Papo man better, but the tone is about to change.
JY: Good morning… infidel!*
*Yeah, Achmed the Dead Terrorist
OSCAR: Good evening, Yrion.
JY: No, morning, the program is shown on the morning. Of course, I guess you can’t watch it… because you are with the Devil!
OSCAR: I sleep during mornings, I awake late to spend the entire day studying, Yrion. My life isn’t as easy as yours.
JY: Easy? EASY? The way of the Lord isn’t easy! It requires plenty of sacrifice!
OSCAR: You don’t know anything about religion, Yrion. You speak about God and its message but you haven’t show yet why we should listen to you.
JY: I see you are trying to look smart, let me show you a book then. It’s called the Bible and it’s the definitive probe that God exists. Without people like me, its messages couldn’t be interpreted. Its rules were written thousands of years ago and we have to respect them.
OSCAR: You are only scaring people with that book. I don’t pretend to offend you or your people, but that book was written in an age of war. That people could die for a cold, women weren’t respected and homosexuals were eradicated.
OSCAR: That book has caused plenty of deaths, but I can’t accuse your people but fear. That people was afraid of the rival country, people different to them and what they couldn’t understand.
OSCAR: Look your show, Yrion, you are only scaring people. You defame the games and entertainment from other countries just because they are different and you don’t understand their culture. Why are you scaring your people instead of learning from the others so we could know them better?
OSCAR: You are acting the same with me, Yrion. You don’t have to be afraid of me or my friends. You should be afraid just from my enemies. I never wanted to hurt Jorge or Crazyvich, but you probably wouldn’t be here if I wouldn’t finish them.
PRESENTER: Guys, we cut to commercials some minutes ago. Viewers hadn’t heard Oscar’s speech. Could you repeat it later?
OSCAR: What? It came from my soul, it was one of those things I couldn’t repeat even if I wanted to.
JY: Don’t worry, I heard it. Come with me, I’m inviting you for some coffee.
JY: Oscar, you surprised me. Nobody was expecting you to come. We planned to sell your story as satanic for at least five programs. The ratings hadn’t been so high since we invited Claude Frollo*.
*Bro pose!
OSCAR: But I’m not a television star. As much, I sometimes make vlogs or I help my friends with animation*, debates or Infernews**.
*Infernals & Lemons itself.
**Both are sections from real life Oscar’s channel.
JY: It’s never too late to make the transition. Now that you are popular, you can afford it.
OSCAR: I have bigger concerns than popularity.
JY: And how is your family going economically?
OSCAR: Good enough not to need more money.
JY: Look dude, let’s be serious. I don’t do this for me, but for you. What’s more, I don’t even think you are a bad guy. My recordings clearly show you stopping dangerous criminals.
OSCAR: So why do you lie?
JY: I only say what they want to hear. It’s called entertainment. Do people want to hear how mortality rose in Africa? Do people want to know that cancer has a cure but it’s not in sale just to make it more valuable?
JY: Do people want to hear that a technologically advanced parallel universe is going to invade us trough our dreams on Mars?*
*Ups, spoilers from The Dreamscape Kingdom.
JY: They don’t want to hear that, they don’t care and I don’t blame them. Each person has enough problems to think in the others.
OSCAR: Then I inform you that I have been doing that for two years. I had gone to places you won’t believe; dark dimensions, exotic lands, Hell…* I even met gods, wizards, vegans** and Santa Claus***.
*All of them appeared in previous episodes.
**The Mayan God, Reddy Wizard, Slendy.
***Christmas special film.
JY: Does Santa Claus exist?
OSCAR: This world is full of dangers, I know, but it has the same amount of wonderful things. Your religious culture is beautiful and transmits good morals.
OSCAR: But you need to learn really loving your fellow and not being afraid of him for the differences.
OSCAR: You could improve more the world if, instead of making a silly program, you used your power to make known real problems.
PRESENTER: Get ready.
JY: Return to the set, I have to reread the script. I’m with you soon.
???: You won’t let him flooding your head with illusions, right?
JY: Who said that?
???: I am your father.*
*Believe it or not, it’s not an Empire Strikes Back tribute.
JY: Sorry, I can’t see you, what happened to your voice*?
*This character was dubbed by Sebastian Exe, from Gunshot, instead of Panshios in Christmas Holocaust.
???: Old age, son, old age.
*It’s Father Manuel from Christmas Holocaust, a Bowser parody*
FATHER MANUEL: Ratings are the highest. We need them to continue our plan.
JY: Don’t we have enough money? We could buy the entire Limbo*.
*Christmas Holocaust and Pikeyo happen there.
FM: The Limbo is not enough*! There are too many habited dimensions where the Lord’s word has to be made known. We need all of them to reach divinity**.
*James Bond pun.
**Father Manuel’s goals and origins aren’t explained in this episode, but you could tie up some loose ends after watching Christmas Holocaust.
JY: That way isn’t necessary anymore. Oscar has been near God and knows about the sacred world more than the pope himself. I think we should end the show as soon as possible and follow his way.
FM: No, Yrion! We have been planning this so much time, just follow the show at least once more. If this succeeds, I won’t need you more and could leave the job.
JY: Okay, a last program to bookend in a highlight!
*Oscar waits for Yrion in the stage*
JY: Damned sinful… It’s time to settle accounts with the Lord!
OSCAR: What is that? Are you going to practice voodoo with me?
JY: Better, let’s practice some Lawl*!
*This would be perfect for Oscar & Diablo or Josué Yrion’s moveset intro.
*The old Lawl roster*
OSCAR: Did you put me in a game?
JY: And not only you, we have been observing your Halloween* friends and other little characters to make this. I’m also there!
*The Halloween Revenge IV (Infernals & Lemons)
*NOTE: That is the first draft of the roster, but Josué Yrion already debuted giving a KO to Coballita Mix in her moveset*
*The Hell stage will be improved, but the music stays xD*
OSCAR: This is shameful! You menace my life just to make a commercial? You don’t want to celebrate life or values, you just want to sell toys with your games* so we buy more!
*Lawlmiibos (Lawl+Amiibo)
JY: But aren’t them cool? I can picture every Christian peacefully playing with our toys in harmonious Lawl tournaments. It’s our way to achieve peace.
OSCAR: It probably is to achieve peace… Consider me out of this craziness.
*Oscar leaves but is kidnapped*
JY: ‘m sorry, Oscar. I didn’t want this to happen, but I couldn’t do anything else.
OSCAR: I curse you, crook. Why are you doing all this?
FM: He does it for me.
OSCAR: What are you doing in the shadows? Let me see you!
JY: It’s for dramatic effect.
OSCAR: What are you?
FM: How can you be so disrespectful, I look like this because my age. I recurred to many morally questionable rituals to continue being alive and spreading the Word.
*Oscar is sleeping*
FM: What? Are you sleeping in my face? How can you be so lazy?
GOON: How can he sleep in a situation like this? It’s ridiculous! I may tie him too tight and he is asphyxiating.
*Dreamy Oscar defeats the goons*
OSCAR: My parents say I don’t have a good humor when I wake up.
FM: And what are you going to do? Are you going to call your friend the Devil and send us to Hell?
OSCAR: Hell is a nice place without people like you.
FM: Bloody kid! I dedicate my life to religion and the Lord gives powers to you?
OSCAR: You should know that the Lord works in mysterious ways*.
*Hunchback of Notre Dame quote.
*Father Manuel laughs*
OSCAR: Did I quote it wrong?
FM: No, you quoted it right. I was just thinking you are a spoiled brat.
OSCAR: I know your strategy, you want me to lose control and attack you so I can look like a killer again.
FM: It won’t be necessary, you are like an open Bible* to me.
*Lol, religious pun.
OSCAR: I have worked very hard this last two years to free the world from menaces you wouldn’t even gasp. You shouldn’t underestimate me that much.
FM: Anybody could do the same as you with those powers. You are just a lucky fool who hadn’t sacrificed anything to get that far.
JY: Father, don’t anger him, this can only end bad.
FM: No, you are going to end wrong. You are a dishonoring disobedient son! If the show still manages to be successful is because viewers pay to laugh at you and remix your speeches*.
*People basically know Josué Yrion from “Los Nintendos” remix.
*Oscar angrily approaches to Father Manuel and teleports both to a Limbo*
FM: You couldn’t control your emotions now, like a child.
FM: Don’t try to speak, young man. We are in your head. I can read your thoughts.
FM: Your spirit is strong to content those powers, but your mind is weak. I hadn’t any problem on entering while you got near me.
FM: If you would contemplate your environment in these two years… If you had investigated each happening instead of jumping directly to conclusions...
FM: You are not a hero, Oscar. You are a mook sent by that who you call God to make his dirty jobs. As soon as he gets tired of you or if he sees you thinking for yourself, he will take back your powers as easily as he gave them to you and will substitute you.
FM: Your faith makes you weak and predictable, unlike me. Think about Kikiyama*, he stopped following reality laws and now rules over dreams.
*Creator of Yume Nikki and character from this metaverse who appears in AMvs “Hateful Comparisons: Vete a la versh vs. Telegordo” (which is translated in this same blog).
FM: Finally, I don’t want to bore you with details. I could tell you my life, but it would be easier to break your nervous system. But then we couldn’t meet in the future.
FM: As you can see, I rejected my human form a long time ago to reincarnate and be eternal. Ah, and if you are asking, I didn’t need the help from a silly god. I earned it over the years.
FM: The same thing happens with that wizard you like that much*. How could he reincarnate into a red rodent*? So pathetic, and a friend of tours is about to**…
*Red Leo Media makes a new sense, right.
JY: Oscar, return to your body, my father is my problem. He’s completely bananas and we never thought about me. I should have put him in an asylum many years ago, forgive me.
OSCAR: You are forgiven, but finish this absurd program and dedicate your life to solve problems instead of pandering.
JY: I will.
OSCAR: No, Yrion!
FM: Ha, two birds at one shot! Did you think that love* or faith is the most powerful force on the universe? It is not, money is! Faith and love are mediums to achieve money like religions, cinema, football or video webpages**! You are slaves from the own system you created!
**YouTube basically…
JY: You are a charlatan, dad!
JY: Do yoi know? I’m starting to like your idea about the Lawlmiibo toys. I connected them to a holographic generator while you were in that mental limbo and it works properly. Look!
JY: Epilepsy!*
*Main quote from the popular “Los Nintendos” remix.
JY: You obligated me to study this stupid cards* so many years…
*Yrion made speeches about Pokemon cards.
JY: If you look closely, you can see a phallic figure in the Little Mermaid poster*.
*Another known speech from him.
FM: I don’t see anything!
JY: Look closer!
*Father Manuel telephones the police*
FM: I have been kidnapped! I’m in the warehouse near the TV studios! Oh, no, they found me, they are strangling me!
JY: What are you doing?
FM: Taking your fingerprints.
FM: Hahaha, you won this round, friends. When someone is elder than time itself and knows every trick by the beyonders, it is natural becoming nuts!
FM: Good luck with your new life, Josué, you will need it.
FM: If you think a cosmopolitan, you have seen nothing yet! Believe me, you are going to lose faith in humanity as soon as a rooster sings. Especially when you discover that you are surrounded by monsters. Ah, and you aren’t the only chosen one the same way there isn’t only just one god.
*Oscar and Yrion escaped to eat Devil’s patties*
JY: They taste really good. I thought that octocats were extinct.
OSCAR: And they did like the dodos, but are enough of them in Hell.
JY: After the atrocities I said in television, Hell looks like a good place to live in.
OSCAR: No, it isn’t. It’s not designed to be inhabited by humans. Earth is huge, you will find some place. I traveled around it looking for the orbs and some places are really beautiful. I would love to come back to Atlantis*, last time wasn’t really substantial.
*Atlantis Maiden will be the follow-up to Dreamscape Kingdom.
JY: I could see how angry you got when my father blamed me from what happened. If I’m sincere, I already knew it much time ago, but I preferred to act like I didn’t.
OSCAR: Because it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, right?
JY: That’s it, but he snatched from life in a way I will be blamed when they investigate his death.
OSCAR: I don’t think he’s dead. He will reincarnate soon and we will be prepared for then. I know what it feels to be blamed from a crime you didn’t commit. You did that to me with Jorge and Crazyvich. Do you believe I don’t think about that every morning? It’s a horrible sensation.
JY: Fuck, I deserve to die. I think I will sneak into the airport and take the first plane I see. But first, take this, my father’s diary.
OSCAR: Does my face look like Mystery World*?
*Another sprite series with a diary.
JY: No, but I want you to save it if you need it in the future. It explains things like his story, he lived in the universe previous to the Big Bang* and another bizarre tales. Since he knows the future, you may need it.
*Just like another character from Dreamscape Kingdom/Aitor Molina Marvel… Even there is a cemetery in Manuel’s memorial!
OSCAR: Thanks, Yrion. Now it will be better if you run away, the police will appear soon.
JY: Have luck, Saint Oscar.
*The Lemon Emon doll from the Infernals & Lemons stinger buzzes*
INFERNO: What is that infernal sound?
DEVIL: Lol, infernal!
INFERNO: It’s not funny, is annoying, almost as much as your voice!
OSCAR: Boys, what is happening?
DEVIL: This sound is making us crazy.
OSCAR: The Lemon Doll?
DEVIL: The what?
OSCAR: The Lemon Doll which Emon gave to each of who we went to Hell the last Halloween. It’s supposed that we have to reunite if this sounds. It means that something big is happening.*
*This leads to Aitor Molina Marvel and Dreamscape…
INFERNO: Something bigger than the Mayan God? What a face has that lemon!
OSCAR: I don’t have time to lose*, I will try not to be late. I’m sure you will be awake when I return.**
*Ironically, he’s the only character who arrives late.
**Yes, awake… in THE DREAMSCAPE… you know what.
*Credits, since this special hasn’t a stinger, I will translate the one from the Season 1 Finale which has been referenced a lot*
RAKZOL: Joro*, come to see this!
*Diminutivo from Jorosahe, but he isn’t the same from Bad Animations, just Paulx from Red Leo Media changing his identity.
JORO: Have you found the dessert orb?
RAKZOL: No, but it’s something equally interesting!
JORO: The head of a man inside an armor. Who could he be?
RAKZOL: No clue, should we call a detective?
JORO: Okay, but don’t use your brick phone, the new design I patented receives the signal even without coverage.
RAKZOL: Oh, the new Reddy Universe*.
*Red Leo Media + Super Sonic X Universe, oh god…
BATOR MEDINA: Greetings…
BM: My costumers.
JORO: Bator Medina, weren’t you an actor?
RAKZOL: And a salesman for electronic appliances?
BM: Friends, we are on crisis, it’s having plenty of jobs or die of hunger.
JORO: You also could work for my business, everybody has a function.
BM: We will discuss that later, first show me the head.
RAKZOL: Can you identify him?
BM: Oh my monotheist god!
JORO: Who is him?
BM: Professor Crazyvich, mi biggest competitor!
RAKZOL: He also created electronic appliances?
BM: No, he used to copy mines… and improve them.
JORO: Is copying a trend now? I’m going to patent plagiarism!
BM: But I consider him a genius, he even perfectly emulated fictional robots. His philosophy was “why design realistic machines when artists offered better options?”.
RAKZOL: And what do you suggest, glassy?
BM: Acting like we haven’t seen anything and trying to find the entire body. Then, we could find his laboratory and lost inventions.
JORO: That’s dumb! Rakzol, let’s continue finding the dessert orb!
BM: Yes, mister boss!
JORO: Sir Boss, don’t forget it!
MOHAMMOSCAR: It’s a good idea finding the orbs… if you want to be found by the Infernals.
MOHAMMOSCAR: You are the typical criminals who repeat the mistakes from the past again.
JORO: Reveal your image, silhouette!
BM: Don’t be afraid, I also think he was Oscar at the beginning. But not, just happens there are some families in the world with identical twins in different countries.*
*A trope established in The Frollo Show I wanted to play with. It works both for Mohammoscar and Bator Medina being a foreign Aitor Molina.
MOHAMMOSCAR: Yes, it’s a caprice of genetics. It makes us absolutely equal, but gives us awesome powers. Fortunately, my Argentinean cousin can only use them when he’s sleeping.
JORO: Can we please come to a logic conclusion of all this?
BM: Let’s see… I’m the brain, Mohammoscar is the muscle, Joro the big boss and Rakzol the dragon of the group.
RAKZOL: We only need an annoying secondary so we can thank his absence in almost every episode*.
*Aitor Molina Marvel 1 makes a similar point.
CARPET ACHMED: And I’m Carpet Achmed!*
*Parody of Hammer Smith, an AMvs character which appears randomly when someone is presented or makes a hammer joke.
JORO: Haven’t you think this doesn’t make any sense?
MOHAMMOSCAR: It seems senseless now, but let the time pass. Time fluids and we can act in the shadows. Think on the dessert, where the time looks slowed down.*
*This is of course foreshadowing a future saga of PDI… if retconing the Mohammoscar as alien isn’t canon.
JORO: Are you monologuist or something?
BM: ??? (I can’t hear what he says and it’s not subtitled)
JORO: I hope you understand, but I don’t want to ally with some guys who look suspiciously similar to Oscar Alejandro Bossi and Aitor Molina. You only need a Nostalgia Skapokon and… oh, c’mon!
DISCORD SQUADALÁ: Sorry for being late, all dessert looks the same.
MOHAMMOSCAR: As you can see, we also have transport to help us finding the armor. Let’s duplicate Crazyvich’s inventions and develop them even further!
BM: Think about the possibilities and power, Reddycom could become one of the most important industries in the world.
DS: Not the Infernals, the Aviewers* or rodents** could stop us!
*Fan nickname of the group in the crossovers.
**Do you remember the league of rodents from AMvs (Top 9 Pixar Sequels I want to see)?
RAKZOL: I’m convinced! What about you, Sir Boss?
JORO: Guys, you are now part of Reddycom.