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The Dreamscape Kingdom’s development is stopping for a half month

Detailed continuity doesn’t improve storytelling, just alienates

These are the last progresses on The Dreamscape Kingdom before my summer vacation. I won’t be able to continue any projects in front of the screen until a half month. Until then, Friendzone Dubs will be able to voice the episodes 2 and 3 of Digimon Abridged. I will use that time to polish the potential of the script.

Aitor Molina & Ganchito vs. Super Mario Anime Movie, the second year anniversary special, has been my biggest summer project. It will be followed by the first thematic month and a break from story-heavy reviews. Instead of shoehorning many characters, I focused on the supporting ones and offered a sequel hook as a montage and a recap for Dreamscape Kingdom. The final montage is a prototype for the second AMvs intro for episodes longer than 20 minutes. Not everybody has noticed that clips covered every review to date except the first anniversary special, not to be redundant with the recap.

The animated special is independent to the shows, so the recaps were unnecessary unless you really care about continuity. The script I have until now covers from 10 to 15 minutes. Infernals & Lemons and Mystery World taught me that exposition has to be downplayed until just the necessary. Long explanations only work in complex stories like Infernals & Yrions. Linking all the loose ends doesn’t improve storytelling, it just alienates the audience. Gags and references only work when they are equally funny without the knowledge of what is being referenced, like Matías the Red Robot from Retropokon.

Plot points shouldn’t be excuses

Dialogued scenes just should value if they develop characters or story, while gags are product of interactions between bizarre figures. Even if Infernals & Lemons has merits, his base Red Leo Media was broken and would hurt The Dreamscape Kingdom instead of improving it.

Speaking about the recap after the second anniversary, it’s followed by alternative scenes of the final project. The movie was supposed to begin in Mars because Miss Rachel, Paulx, Reddy and John DiMicco were supposed to be there. Almost the entire first act happened there, but it just offered exposition without almost any humor. It took itself way too seriously and Mars was going to be an underused interesting place. That wouldn’t be professional by my part because I consider the PDI Atlantis episode Oscar’s Parvum Opus for the same reason without doing anything special.

Explaining the inclusion of Mars would be a little spoiler. Just think that you already saw most of the Martian scenes after the AMvs, which won’t be used in the final product, same with the information of the recap. So you don’t need to watch either Infernals & Lemons or AMvs to understand it.

Reddy Wizard was confirmed as an important role many articles ago, because Dreamscape Kingdom rewrites Red Leo Media. I may made people think that he was going to appear the most, alongside Kikiyama and me, but it’s not correct, there isn’t a single protagonist. It has a coral cast which main veterans are Lemon Emon, Nostalgia Skapokon, Oscar and Maiden Riku.

Introducing new characters and dubbers

Infernals & Lemons introduced Lemon Emon and Oscar to both the audience and “regular humans”. So The Dreamscape Kingdom includes the debut of people who appeared in AMvs, Retropokon and even new ones. It has the biggest cast of voices to date, even bigger than Digimon Abridged. Some people from Friendzone Dubs are also going to illustrate new characters.

Since the Martian scenes has been rewritten, I should apologize for giving Panshios (Lemon Emon) and Detective Enigma (John DiMicco) phrases that weren’t on the alternative scenes and won’t be in the final project. All the villains are having new voices, especially because Oscar used to dub both, John and Uboane, now renamed Dremcrusher.

Dreamcrusher was introduced in Red Leo Media and Aitor Molina Marvel, but not exactly as the same character from The Deamscape Kingdom. Even his past actions aren’t rectoned, his new voice actor will be Solid Snake’s in DavuuWart’s animations. His identity and face will be revealed in the film, which haven’t been guessed yet. It would be interesting if there were new theories after my return, since he isn’t a fan-character of Uboa and Bane anymore.

More villains are going to appear, both old and new, but the number won’t affect their efficiency. They all are part of a Five-Bad Band to help each other in the funniest interactions of the movies, which could deserve a spin-off. Having voices from Friendzone Dubs has been one of the greatest ideas.

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