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Online archeology: The ambition of making known the obscurest things

Not only animators die of laziness

From now on, I will call myself an “online archeologist” to describe my ambition of making known obscure things. I picture a mix between the Aitor Molina from the show and Indiana Jones for this nickname, because I try to avoid overused themes like mainstream gaming and vlogging.

Previously, I talked a lot about the “animators who died of laziness” which my nearest community knows about. I’m going to elaborate on that not going full Shia LaBeouf motivational video because I just want to justify why I care. It’s funny thinking that archi-known Celio Hogane recently became part of the Audiovisual Creation Group and they named him motivator. The irony comes when he just centered on the artstyles in a non-pretentious way, I will explain his projects in another occasion.

I’m tired of so many animators dying of laziness through endless and equally lazy excuses. Even I’m proud of the projects that manage to get made, I have to administrate plenty of images and texts with interesting ideas which end nowhere. Retropokon, Nightmares from Hell and Juanfisi’s animations are just a little part of the projects that are proposed in front of me.

I would love to detail on the cancelled and unproduced works I like the most or have highest expectations later. I could find plenty of those little diamonds like Epic Gamer or Coballita Mix “practicing archeology” on my blog or oldest archives, but with creators who forgot about them. Adopting orphaned characters, I can differ from the other bloggers and reviewers because I can give light to things that nobody knows and wouldn’t discover unless I show them. AMvs and Bad Animations are the best way to let those subjects known, even I also try to make original films like The Dreamscape Kingdom.

Rubbish for one, gold for others

Talking about lost and unproduced jewels, Voltiok Atomic a.k.a. Johannes Lázaro was going to co-create a Coballita Mix series before disappearing. Both continued alive on Lawl and AMvs respectively, but Cameron Lawson’s Texas Batman fanfilm had an assured viewership. There are plenty of American moviemakers who make local versions of superheroes that manage to inspire spin-offs. The reception of Chocolate Bane in Catastrophic Music probes it.

Precious Maren from Creepypasta HighSchool didn’t finish the second episode and she deleted all her creations even she is an Ensemble Darkhorse. Even Jet Jaguar has way more fans that most of Godzilla’s monsters whose you can find plenty of fanart online even if Tohou doesn’t use him enough. Team Clever was going to be a Legacy of Hedgehog spin-off without the rodents, but other characters representing animators. Ironically, all four are active producers, even if Panshios is more symbolic and secondary than Talgo, Oscar and me.

The last and most ironic example is the unknown Rakzol, who was going to be a secondary character on Mystery World. His original creator planned a series starring him that didn’t fit with the continuity, so he was rejected. You could think that leading a cartoon would compensate being a random guest. Literally, this character never left memes and in-jokes from the Audiovisual Creation Group like cameos on Infernals & Lemons and Nightmares from Hell. At least, Rakzol will be one of the protagonists of Console War with another role.

First be influenced, then influence

The summer of 2015 was the start of an alliance with Friendzone Dubs to develop fandubs, Digimon Abridged, Console War, additional voices from The Dreamscape Kingdom and AMvs. When those projects began, I had to explain and establish so many things that I couldn’t sink in a determinate style. So well-intentioned comparisons with Nostalgia Critic, Chánatos, Elrubius and Darkar appeared to deal with influence and mistakes I shouldn’t make. The “Top 20 reviews I will (or won’t) make” explains all the examples above and, unintentionally, the next episode was a Hateful Comparisons between Darkar and Ketchup Norris’ shows.

AMvs positively influenced a little reviewing fever that makes me proud like Anticinema Hour and Infervlogs. This inspiration also creates “reviewers who die of laziness” with the same excuse as animators. Their main excuse is not using summer, best opportunity of the year to learn new things and practice, and just wish to make things instead of actually doing them. Those wannabes aren’t limited to just animation and reviewing, movesets and dubs also apply. Some of them never start working, others delay indefinitely, a few manage to make something before retiring and a rare exception deceases quality until eventually fading, like my previous show.

At last I’m talking about Alex4EverJugon, a boy with the potential of getting into The Halloween Revenge ship if he maintains an active section. He shows a slow but sure evolution from generic to videos inspired by Chincherrinas to show new experiences. For example, his first That Wonderful Nostalgia establishes a great vlog-review hybrid to show an obscure game: ET Interplanetary Mission, which creative spark came from an interview of me.

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