martes, 4 de agosto de 2015

All the rejected projects are creativity seeds

All forgotten projects have a hidden potential which “online archeology” tries to find. Rejections by laziness or other limits are creativity seeds which inspire better creations on the long run. Those gems can be shown to the world by reviewing shows or revivals with other goals in mind.

Authors who don’t have enough courage to developing their projects abandon them ignoring a potential audience. Which for them is rubbish, can earn fans in reviews, tops or movesets for how unique they are. Even Ensemble Darkhorses from popular media suffer from less attention by the creators than the viewers.

Since not every project can be successful, involuntary comedy plays an important part of making memes and jokes. Some of those inspire spin-offs more known by the public than the original creations. For example, a running gag in Juanfisi’s fandom is a secondary team based on other animators, who are more active producers than the primary group on the show.

Necromancing characters for the good

Long story short, characters can be recycled because spriters are the type of creator who finishes their projects the least. Characters free for adoption give new chances of receiving an audience after catching the appropriate tone. One job as an administrator of the Audiovisual Creation Group is identifying those missed opportunities when they seem to be interesting and thinking on second chances to motivate more active members.

The most extreme case of transcending from a media and style to another in the Audiovisual Creation Group is the in-joke Rakzol. He was meant to have a secondary role in Mystery World, then the protagonist of his own series, cameos as a joke character in animated special and now it’s a parody of himself and that type of characters in Console War.

Previous creators and influences have to be analyzed not to repeat the same mistakes as them, which newcomers should do more often. Finding a circle of related producers lets inspiration rise and collaborations for bigger and better projects each time. That type of feedback is always positive influence as long as it doesn’t turn into ripping-off.

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