viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

The efficiency of working alone and in collaborative projects

Most animators die of laziness

Working in the second AMvs anniversary special, The Dreamscape Kingdom and Digimon Abridged showed me that possible to work in various projects at the same time. If you use properly your time and energy, it will motivate you to experiment and improve a lot. Summer lets me organize my projects better than laboring months, but I can’t foresee further than Halloween.

Facebook has the Audiovisual Creation Group (ACG) I administrate to let rise many projects for series that almost never get made. Even some of the animators eventually manage to make something, most of them “die of laziness”, which is a letdown because could inspire a new generation of series.

A recurring excuse is saying they going to release the animations soon, which uses to prolong for years. Long reviews or comparisons don’t help productivity or inspiration, so they work better for the Red Leo Media one minute six yearly reviews. On contraposition of the ACG, I’m revealing the webseries Console War I’m developing with Friendzone Dubs and Trash of the Web. I have high hopes on it because Digimon Abridged had a wonderful result.

Efficient collaborators add something

I wouldn’t reject any crossover as long as it added something, like Fistroman or Chánatos. Characters who can’t offer anything are better dead to show myth arcs. That establishes a smart audience who value quality over fame. I would love to make holiday themed reviews, but I don’t know yet how Ganchito substituting Lugosi as the deuteragonist is going to work. Doing the character alone is sad, but more efficient because I don’t depend on more people.

One of the characters I enjoy writing the most is Lemon Emon. He deserves being an animated character instead of a gaming one. Panshios should rethink on that. Voice-acting had improved thanks to the Audiovisual Creation Group and Friendzone Dubs, but I’ll still make castings for future Digimon Abridged.

Ideas with potential shouldn’t be abandoned, like my second year alternatives: Battle of Gods and the six-parter. They could easily be rewritten as something else like most of the reviews recorded in 2014 will be out this year.

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