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The different alternatives for an AMvs second anniversary special

Ganchito the cat will substitute Lugosi and Lázaro

The second anniversary special of Aitor Molina vs. is halfway in production and will be probably released on august. It’s going to be a review of the obscure Super Mario Anime Movie. Which hadn’t been requested unlike first anniversary special Mission Marvel or the other three rejected alternatives.

The review was recorded on the 2014 Manga Convention of Getxo with Lugosi Lavey, who’s going to make her last canon appearance. The special introduces Ganchito the retarded cat, fat and orange cousin of Johannes Lázaro. His role is similar to Retropokon’s Wai and serves as a mascot not to be overused.

Lázaro the hamster is one of the fan-favorites, but his participations and cameos on The Halloween Revenge were purely to make his adopter Voltiok Atomic more interested on moviemaking. Since he failed not concluding the Hurricane Trilogy with Nostalgia Skapokon and made virtual suicide, there is no reason of having a character to represent a blank spot.
Ganchito’s goal is having a secondary character I can animate and dub to take almost any role because each time is more difficult having Lugosi in. This limits the storylines and the complexity, so the new assistant has to complement perfectly Aitor Molina’s personality.

Lugosi had unintentionally the best farewell possible on Aitor Molina Marvel 1, which will be retconed as the “official last Lugosi episode” even she appears on the second anniversary and Spider-month. I can spend months to years until an AMvs finished from the concept and script to the final product. It’s impossible connecting a “cinematic universe” with THR franchises like this.

The Multiverse fixes continuity

The next Halloween Revenges and AMvs seasons will improve in continuity with an established Multiverse through human Reddy Wizard after his introduction on The Dreamscape Kingdom. He will link the reviews better as the second new recurring character. This decision has been made after three rejected alternatives for the second anniversary special.

“Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” was a popular petition even before its release and was my original option for the special. Its script was written on 2013 Manga Convention of Getxo and it’s the longest to date. The Wreck-it Ralph parody after the AMvs Evil Dead credits is the first scene. But it was postponed to improve sprite-animation, pacing and variety.

The second option consisted on crossing over with another youtuber who I couldn’t contact as much as I wanted. We are working on the script this summer to record it and produce after the Spider-month.

A third option is which almost was made the second anniversary: a miniseries of six animated episodes with THR characters from an alternative dimension. It was the biggest idea and with the most voices until Digimon Abridged. The plot would deconstruct itself with each decision of the characters. It was eventually rejected because a six-parter would be redundant after the Spider-month and The Dreamscape Kingdom.

The Halloween Revenge VII: Alternative Miniseries

The fourth concept for the second AMvs anniversary special was so full that could be easily reworked as THR7. So the next article will be about THR6 and how I’ll try to make it as participative as productive. THR5 is prepared so it can be aired this Halloween.

Quality and length of the sixth would vary, but it would be at least a holiday themed AMvs. As for the second anniversary-Dreamscape Kingdom disastrous continuity, would be the bookend of the “phase one” started on THR4 Infernals and Lemons.

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