viernes, 24 de julio de 2015

The AMvs Multiverse will be the base of future animated specials

The second AMvs anniversary special will cause improvements on characters and story arcs after introducing the Multiverse next month. The special is going to be a Super Mario Anime Movie review to farewell Lugosi and Lázaro as recurring characters. The girl already had the best unintentional goodbye on the first anniversary, her last canon episode, while the hamster was only use so its adopter Voltiok Atomic returns to moviemaking.

Even both characters are fan-favorites, Ganchito can fulfill almost any role, being animated and voiced by me. Not having a backstory and complementing perfectly Aitor Molina’s personality, the cat will improve the show and avoid continuity mistakes with the help of Reddy Wizard.

There were three rejected specials as possibilities: DBZ Battle of Gods for its popularity, Wreck-ith Ralph parody and teaser on AMvs; a crossover that will be done later this year and an alternate dimension six-parter with The Halloween Revenge characters which will probably be recycled as THR7. Since THR5 is scheduled for October, next article will be about THR6.

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