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Answering questions about my projects

Laziness always defeats the animators

I’ve been experimenting during the second anniversary special of AMvs, so it’s taking more time than expected and will suppose many changes. The only thing left to edit is the ending, which won’t be anything epic because I’m saving that for the next crossover. I prefer to work harder on The Dreamscape Kingdom when I finish the review until I go out on holidays. Depending on those projects and the Spider-month, I would analyze if I should try reviving something on standby or new, like making a Halloween or Christmas themed AMvs. After asking for questions about my projects, these are the answers:

The crossovers or collaborative projects I enjoyed making the most are the anniversary specials, Halloween Revenge, Digimon Abridged, Cutrerama, script from Infernals & Yrions and Retropokon’s John Show review. Collaborations are what I like the most by far because “it’s a bit sad when someone is used to work alone”, quoting Aitor Molina Marvel.

I don’t know how the reactions about Ganchito substituting Lugosi will be until the next AMvs is released. Recording alone is going to be more depressing, but better on the long run because I can work as Ganchito with total liberty. I can write, dub and animate when I want without help.

Facebook: Grupo de Creación Audiovisual

Plenty of series are planned in the Audiovisual Creation Group, I would love to see made even which I like the least because that’s the goal of it, even if laziness always win. I would be really happy if Davidsillo Animations, KaySpriter, Japolo and Paletín finally develop their cartoons and inspire a new generation of animators. I’m not including Juanfisi, Oscar and Skapokon because they manage to produce at least an episode each year.

For example, Davidsillo’s Hikairi was said to be “possibly released soon” since more than two years. So I lost the hope on watching it as a series, maybe as some few episodes after cancelling them like Super Smash Ball X. There is not going to be a Hateful Comparisons AMvs with Mystery World. I wrote a Red Leo Media about it previously this year to start a season of six yearly short reviews.

If we speak about the character I would like the most to have a regular series, it would be Lemon Emon. I think he fits better as an animated character than in videogames. Panshios should think on writing a script for a series and then try to produce it with high quality.

Having the option of making a crossover with any member of the community, I would accept as long as they had something to offer. That is my theme each time I include characters on specials or I need voice-actors. I don’t care if someone has thousands of subscribers if they aren’t able to value for themselves. Cameron Lawson and Coballita Mix are finer to work with than any shituber who repeats trends without style or substance.

There are many ideas for newcomers to voice future characters on Digimon Abridged who haven’t work with me yet. As for AMvs, I would do the impossible to crossover with Fistroman. Chanatos would be interesting too for how opposite we are.

Developing many projects at once

Before the Audiovisual Creation Group and Friendzone Dubs, I had limited options to voice characters. Now I don’t need to acquiesce with the first thing I find, so my intention is making video-castings when I need many extras for future Digimon Abridged episodes.

Originally, a character was going to die on The Dreamscape Kingdom. Spoiling Infernals and Yrions, Slendy’s death established that any character could die, so we finished with the one which didn’t give much to do with. The rest of survivors will return in the animation with many newcomers.

This will be overtaking too much, but seeing I arrived to the second anniversary, my intention is going for the third while enjoying it. I would probably try to revive an idea rejected for the second, like DBZ Battle of Gods or the six part Alternative Continuity miniseries. I don’t want to think much until I finish the episodes I recorded on 2014, like the second anniversary and Spider-month.

At last, I’m revealing the “Console War” project which is being developed slowly but surely in the blog Labasuradelared. I’m really proud of working with Friendzone Dubs, this would be our first original series. In a month, we have been able to produce more things than the other group. I can’t believe yet how good the first Digimon Abridged episode is thanks to them. So I have faith on Console War and will help making it as long as they don’t become lazy.

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