jueves, 4 de junio de 2015

The Halloween Revenge V will take creative liberties

Entering into the production of the fifth Halloween Revenge, this is the first official information about the animated special “The Dreamscape Kingdom”. It will be made over the summer alongside movesets, reviews and fandubs. Now, it’s my responsibility because the original animator, Oscar from “Pesadillas del Infierno” and the previous special, left cartoons for gameplays.

But I’m so inspired right now that this one won’t feature many parodies, even the comedy and craziness of the previous installments will be up o eleven. All the changes improve the project both as an “Infernals and Lemons” sequel and soft reboot. Scenes almost rewrite themselves because the characters work perfectly interacting with each other and every possibility is analyzed.

This is a unique story that hasn’t been made previously. I had to improve the villain not to be compared to Ultron. But his new backstory is better comprised and sounds like something from a fable.

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