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Something worth looking back that will age better than any previous work

We couldn’t stop making new material for the special

On the first upload, we established that “The Dreamscape Kingdom” (The Halloween Revenge V) was going to have creative differences between the previous works to make it more stand-alone and understandable. It will diverge from just parodying while rebooting some “Infernals and Lemons” (THR4) concepts, even it’s a continuation.

The two most important questions that reviving a project after ignoring it for more than a year is why and who is going to be the main character. More than ignoring THR5, I acted “like people already watched it” in the following AMvs (those made between the first anniversary two parter). Some people thought those reviews belonged chronologically between the two parts, even it wouldn’t make sense that way.

Since THR4 had my script and Oscar’s animation, we planned the follow-up the same way even we couldn’t make it like it should. AMvs and “Pesadillas del Infierno” are more valuable in both the viral and professional aspects, so we couldn’t stop making more material for the special.

The new protagonist is Reddy

I selfishly realized that not making The Dreamscape Kingdom was a mistake because I couldn’t continue the AMvs storyline if I acted like people already watched it. The post-credits scene in the next AMvs links directly with the second anniversary special, which would lose most of its symbolism. Skipping the special would be as crazy as making the first and last part of a trilogy ignoring the middle. Specially, if we plan to make more with fewer characters in the same metaverse, maintaining continuity.

Red Leo Trilogy is an awful base for a cinematic universe and THR4 works better as the introduction for some characters than a narrative. But both “prequels” are based on the supposed importance of Reddy Wizard, who was created as a joke but became the Creator’s Pet and a fan-favorite. At the end of the day, we actually don’t know anything about Reddy outside of being previously a hedgehog parody from Bad Animations. It surprisingly lets room from plenty of creativity if it’s used well, like a personal Lemon Emon.

The Dreamscape Kingdom tells Reddy’s origin, giving a new point of view about the established bizarreness. Being the hegemonic element from the previous installments and having a square in Nostalgia Skapokon’s Lawl, it deserves a definitive take on the character.

Deconstructing more than referencing

Now that you know Reddy Wizard goes main character, you may ask what the movie will be about or what happens with his partner Leo, taking in mind this isn’t a Reddy origin story outside the prologue. We could say the special deconstructs animated webseries the same way Jean Paul Castillo and I’s “Jean & Were” will do if he manages to upload the pilot episode.

As for Leopoldo Teodoro Dios, he is completely out of place as a protagonist, even there will be more annual Red Leo Media. He will be a one scene wonder because doesn’t fit in the huge list of characters which appear. As you can see, this work is more about making a movie than referencing movies.

Take for sure that The Dreamscape Kingdom will completely erase productivity rising on the next months until Halloween. But I feel it’s going to be something worth looking back that will age better than any previous thing. Since I like to show images of the progression to probe I’m working hard on this one, here I am riding Kikiyama.

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