martes, 9 de junio de 2015

Reinterpreting an animated Halloween metaverse

“The Dreamscape Kingdom” is an animated Halloween special that should have been aired in 2014, but wasn’t finished because its creators were involved in other shows. A year and a half later, it gets revived to continue the annual legacy which latest installment was “Infernals and Lemons”.

The idea of continuing the saga in a more stand-alone way was after realizing how wrong ignoring it was. It affected the AMvs storyline and would decrease the impact of the second anniversary special. Even if Oscar can’t animate it this time, the script is being reworked and improves everything.

Reddy Wizard is the new main character for his impact in the previous installments. It lets the metaverse being reinterpreted because it’s the hegemonic element which evolves the eras, starting as a simple joke though hedgehog characters and becoming the unofficial mascot. The character deserves a definitive reinterpretation and backstory to establish the future.

This new point of view lets the verse being deconstructed to elaborate more than referencing. Reddy’s story will only be the prologue, while the rest it’s a preview of the type of storytelling I’m experimenting with Jean Paul Castillo. As for Leopoldo Teodoro Dios, Reddy’s sidekick in their one minute reviewing show only will appear in a single scene.

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