miércoles, 17 de junio de 2015

More animated shorts to come along The Dreamscape Kingdom

And some Ant-man poster parodies

The Dreamscape Kingdom revival still goes on. Slowly, because the other projects, but we could assure that something will be published on this Halloween. I’m seeing that people enjoy more the stand-alone things, like the first Animated MaidenRikku I made to practice motion and spriting. Even some people ask for the return of Leo, which will happen on the next Red Leo Media season, even if it won’t use the parody-hedgehog anymore.

I foresee more animations eventually, from RLM to more audio-based without story or canon. Curious, since Marc Lovallo is also making short animations while he directs the tenth anniversary Eddsworld movie. The difference is that I’m alone in my project outside the voice-acting.

The special is necessary to understand what is going on in The Halloween Revenge metaverse. So I may make an upload about what do the people Wild Mass Guess (quoting TvTropes). Could THR5 count as the second anniversary special for AMvs or should they be different things? Taking in mind the story was made as a first anniversary epilogue, it wouldn’t be out of place.

The announced Spider-month won’t have storyline, but the planned second anniversary would, making 10 AMvs episodes that go together. Mixing both, I could work on them before, just after the first edition of the Spider-month. There wouldn’t be new updates until then outside the WMG and new images after working with the Martian backgrounds Oscar used in his preview.

As a response to the Ant-man posters, I made some parodies with the Dreamscape Kingdom characters:

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