jueves, 4 de junio de 2015

Dreamscape Kingdom: First official information (this means, forget anything that was said before)

Entering the Dreamscape Kingdom

This is the first official information about the making of the animated special “The Dreamscape Kingdom” (“El Reino Onírico”, fifth entrance on “The Halloween Revenge” annual franchise). The special is one of the four projects I’m working on this summer: Bill Cipher’s moveset, a couple of AMvs and Digimon Abridged, as soon as I receive the voices.

Originally, “Pesadillas del Infierno” creator Oscar Alejandro Bossi was going to animate The Dreamscape Kingdom, like he did with the previous Halloween Revenge (Infernals & Lemons). But he has lastly lost interest on moviemaking because is experimenting with other formats like gameplays and vlogs. I can’t blame him because exactly the same happened to me many years ago. But this way, more people will be able to discover his cartoon.

Since Dreamscape Kingdom is now entirely my responsibility, I’m doing plenty of changes to make it better for everybody. It’s still an “Infernals & Lemons” continuation, but more stand-alone. The best example I can compare it is Army of Darkness, which first minutes recap the previous film changing many details.

All this changes are sensible so anyone can understand Dreamscape Kingdom independently. The tone is totally different even it’s still a crazy-ass comedy. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but lets the characters be themselves to evolve, even if there are a bunch of newcomers.

“Infernals & Lemons” sequel and Soft Reboot

The Dreamscape Kingdom counts both as an Infernals & Lemons sequel, for continuing the story, and a Soft Reboot. This means that will be minor differences on the strictest continuity between I&L, AMvs and Retropokon. But leaved that sticky nod has inspired me a lot to revive the project.

Scenes almost rewrite themselves, letting the characters shine in their respective roles. I emphasize on “rewrite” because the plot was already planned but it’s being animated and scripted on zigzag to analyze every possibility, making it the best way possible.

To bookend, I announce that it’s not going to be a parody even it takes inspiration from authors like Christopher Nolan and Stephen King. The story is something that I haven’t seen made before and the villain was reconsidered after noticing similarities with cinematic Ultron. So I had to improve it and now his twist pays-off better.

I even could say that the special works as a fable for the moral about mistakes being part of life and that they have to be faced. We haven’t lost the point of comedy and craziness. This is the most ambitious and big project to date.

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