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A story can be told in a thousand ways

Sara Mauleon is the cofounder of audiovisual producer Shyncrica. In a single year, they have produced shorts, commercials and a webserie. 2013 was the second college year for Sara and her first try to make a producer. Before, she made another series called “All my time” with the other cofounder Mikel Ramos. They just wanted to earn experience with a single camera and just 5 officials in the human team, which was extended because Erasmus.

The producer name was made after two months, because “shyncrica” was the mix of the most used letters by them. The word didn’t appear on the web before, so they could position as a name. Even “All my time” was a drama previous to Shyncrica, Sara defines it as her own project that probably will revive in the future with a rewritten script. The five senses have been a recurrent theme on productions by Sara, even her first short “Always sunrises” was made as a story that could be told in a thousand ways.

Shyncrica’s objectives are making people smile and liking the production company. They want to compete on the market in two years. Sara wants to be a movie director even the series also satisfies her. She works in all three phases of production while Mikel manages and distributes. The company hasn’t been nominated or prized yet, because a year passes fast. The central theme is just sharing goals and illusions.

A team made of illusion

The Shyncrica team presented before and after being a producer to the Zinebi 2013 and Invisible 2014 short films express contests. As for the commercials, they are looking for new contracting after Gaman Magazine and Artium. Each section of the production process has the same relevance.

Sara Mauleon is more attracted to the visual department because the professionalism that illumination and sound give. Mikel Ramos marks the dates so the phases can be developed without overlapping the workers. That process only ends when the team is satisfied with the final product. For example, they made longer the Gaman Magazine commercial because it looked like half made. Then, people thought that 4K cameras were used instead of Reflex.

The first year as a producer flattened the terrain so Shyncrica can release its first big project: a comedy webseries. Since Sara wasn’t good writing comedy, she worked on production. The comedy will reflect the style of the company, so they can show it to be contracted. The most curious part is that isn’t related to “All my time”.

The series will have 10 episodes of 15 minutes, which results are going to be analyzed to broadcast it and make the second season. The comedy is Shyncrica’s best method to make them known. It will be announced by the Facebook and YouTube pages of Shyncrica.

Shyncrica’s biggest project

            The minimum expectative about the webseries is just being watched by the participants. Arriving to more viewers is a goal, made it more difficult since every user uploading videos to YouTube becomes direct competence. What’s more, Sara Mauleon doesn’t think there will be an iconic character on the comedy because their realism.

            The biggest anecdote of the filming outside the realistic cast is that the protagonist studies Mathematics and she doesn’t look like the part. Instead of hyping the second season with a cliffhanger, they prefer making the viewers grow fond of the characters. On the meantime, they can’t stop making parallel projects while they write the second season. One of them will be made with an artist who contacted with them.

At the end of the day, they worked in the series without budget because the Artium commercial was inverted on lights and sound. Yet they don’t think a bad product was made. The technical team developed in a year so much since the short “What do you see” was recorded with an interviewing capturer. Shyncrica participated on Zinebi Express 55 when they just started the production company to test the team. Their short was one of the 20 selected.

Sara emphasizes on the time trial of the audiovisual work. Three months are reduced to a single day in the express contests. They have to sleep little and edit overnight. For Invisible Express, they made “Diary of a satire” researching more than one terabyte of images for the extra shots. All of this have changed Sara’s lifestyle, even she was called “ghost girl” for not being around. Her room is like an office and she earns new material instead of borrowing it because her constant evolution never stops.

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