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David Chanatos in Maniac Mansion Review (ENGLISH)

Bad Animations 33: David Chánatos in Maniac Mansion [APARICIÓN ESPECIAL DE AURONPLAY] from Aitor Molina on Vimeo.

Deciding which section should be this topic has been chaotic because I didn’t want to make a Chanatos Enterprises video until a related AMvs. But I still want to make one about his two main series: “David Chanatos and his friends” and “Captain Tremañes”. This could have been a vlog, but I reinvented the BadAnimations format to maintain a simple style of video. I will use Chanatos’ last work to show my points.

First of all, this is a BA26 (New course and apologies) sequel, so I suggest watching it first to understand what’s going on. Since it’s too long, I could shorten it as me not repeating previous BA mistakes. The two BA before the 26 consisted of me talking bad about Jorosahe. I could erase them, but I don’t want to seem like I was perfect and I committed no wrongs.

The new course works and it’s only related to Chanatos because a misunderstood. I asked which retrospective (which will be an AMvs) people wanted, not giving names but clues. It won a series “made by someone I admired until did this crap”. They thought I was talking about Captain Tremañes, but it was Doug Walker’s Demo Reel. This confusion made me know that people wanted a Chanatos review too.

I used to talk about Chanatos’ works in old videos, but only in the “Top 20reviews I will (or not) make” as official AMvs. Even Chanatos made a vlog(which I suggest only for the description with every link to videos I mentionedhim) criticizing me as a person instead of my work, I avoided the controversy.

My answer would be just “if you think like that, ok”

Chanatos complains in his critique with just personal valuations, so I won’t censure him for his thoughts. I’m ok if he dislikes me not lying or violating my privacy. I won’t respond his vlog further than “ok”, but I want to make a correction about my Top 20. I didn’t want to actualize until the second part or a Chanatos AMvs, but we reconciled last months. I never underestimated the effort that animation requires, but I said “he didn’t learn to animate on 10 years”.

I respect strict rules on other channels, as long as they don’t limit my freedom, because mine has too. I watch Chanatos videos and he mines, but I never comment him even he does because he said at the end of his vlog he won’t answer me. Sure, he changed his mind, but his audience would see me and wonder what I’m doing if he’s ignoring me. I know it because my less numerous viewers would ask too.

When Chanatos makes public we are friends now, I’m participating in his channel again like in old times. Talking clearly to the followers is fundamental because he described me as the worst fanboy. Wouldn’t somebody think that commenting him like nothing happened is going to “probe” his point? I’m not exaggerating, some people tried really desperately to “make me feel bad”.

Before jumping to conclusions about saying Chanatos didn’t learn to animate or draw in 10 years on the top 20, admitting I’m even worse, let’s see his last work: “David Chanatos in Maniac Mansion” from 2004 and his 2014 remake.

-2004 version: It’s like John Show (reviewed on the first year anniversary Retropokon specialwith Doctor Pandemia) but not that extremely bad. It shoehorns too many plotlines in 11 minutes, making it really difficult to understand for people who don’t know Maniac Mansion or the show characters. Chanatos had to dub almost every character using filters like Oscar from “Pesadillas del Infierno”, which makes it even more inaudible. But I don’t blame him for not having people to help.

-2014 remake: It has technical development and a great remake concept unlike most Internet remakers. The general shots are medium instead of general, focusing on mobility on eyes and arms, which already contradicts my previous “not learning in 10 years”. The pacing and plot are better established as it’s extended to 17 minutes. The girls from Captain Tremañes make cameos, showing better production after being dubbed by actual girls instead of Chanatos himself.

-SPOILERS: (Or it counts like that not being a real-time commentary.) I don’t like much the new ending. The original was a bit anticlimactic not putting an action scene at the last minute. But the remake turns the scientific into a giant and he does almost nothing. I would like it better if Captain Tremañes episodes didn’t use this trope before. At least this time is actually treated as a real final boss via dialogue.

-Nitpicks: The original had a token girl dubbed by Chanatos. The remake had a voice-actress and she was treated like prep instead of making her an actual character. The 2004 one wasn’t preppy enough to consider it a tribute, so repeating stereotypical words was a bit out of place. Specially because “Shrek the Third”, the movie which assassinated my childhood, did it.

YES, he improved on 10 years

Chanatos clearly developed an animation and storytelling style, making a good remake. But it has a scene that perfectly shows why I didn’t think that a year ago, which is an actual Bad Animations theme. Even it’s based on opinion, I’m telling it not to repeat on AMvs:

A subplot on the original involved a pair of messengers, dubbed by Chanatos through filters, sending a pack to Maniac Mansion. The remake substitutes them with the Tremañes cameos and a special guest who’s supposed to be Auronplay, because the design problems don’t make him recognizable. If the design had been used for a new character, nobody would tell the difference.

Checking web-animations to confirm that Auronplay can be drawn correctly as a cartoon I found the thumbnail for a “Pranking prostitutes” video, an awful animation byDenstrick which looks worse than Mr. Enter, Chunoblack who’s infamous for sucking the fame from Spanish youtubers and plenty of drawings on Google. Every of them are more recognizable than Chanatos’ version.

You don’t need to check profitable cartoons to look caricaturized celebrities, so Chanatos could make this happen just fixing the design. My reviews serve not to discourage the animators, but animation relies too much on good designs. Remembering it’s a Flash-cartoon, the design had to be played with to create, like animation was made for.

He didn’t experiment enough

Animation is also an excuse not to contracting actors, perfect for non-profit series. So the problem isn’t Chanatos not learning on 10 years, but not experimenting enough. More minimalistic cartoons use creativity and play with the designs and movement to compensate. Captain Tremañes and the remakes don’t really show that, like the story on Sonic series which plot is only in the head of the animator.

But Chanatos really has a great concept for remaking. Commercial series don’t remake episodes because if they become successful, a reboot could do it better. But online creators don’t use to be happy with old creations. For example, I used to make Movie Reviews before AMvs and my viewers loved the “Emperor’s newgroove” review even nowadays I think it’s a dreadful video. I’m planning on remaking it before talking about the sequel.

It’s also rumored that a Spanish fandub of Best Hercules is on the works, which would hype me to remake some scenes of my review. On the other hand, don’t expect “Mario becomes Torrente” or “Mothman: The Animated Series” remakes for their tenth anniversary because they weren’t good ideas to start.

Some viewers who aren’t really fans but follow you closely making you feel uncomfortable are obsessed by little details and demand remakes to solve them. Those people don’t matter because there’s always going to be something that looked better in your head and it’s never going to be perfect.

Follow his remake concept

Most of animators should follow Chanatos’ philosophy of remaking single episodes instead of rebooting the whole show. He selects relevant independent episodes like the pilot or Maniac Mansion tribute to modernize them without shoehorning episodes that were already good.

Everybody knows that something will be better in any topic with time. Chanatos remakes single episodes instead of the entire cartoon because he’s proud of his creation; he can and wants to improve. Veteran animators like Mark Haynes or Davidsillo should rethink if it really matters remaking an entire thing just for minor problems the creator himself sees. Redoing single episodes or even scenes would be the most positive thing to do.

As always, reviews aren’t to hurt people and I won’t repeat myself on future AMvs unless I discover new problems. I asked people who aren’t animating or drawing since 5 years to make Toon Chanatos as faithful as they could. It wasn’t fair using old clips on the top 20 as example, so I won’t opine on if this is a good or bad artstyle. The images will speak for themselves.

*Skip to 18:40 in the video to watch the images

In conclusion, I would love to see an objective review from a third person. AMvs is an entertainment show where I speak more about my personal tastes than objectivity, like 99% of reviewers. I always define AMvs as a “reviewing variety show” and not “reviewing objectivity”. I would need a third point of view to suggest this show to others even I personally enjoy it.

What do you think about this Bad Animations abridged translation? I really liked the experience and it’s useful for making know English audiences some obscure animations, remakes or themes. Thank you for reading and good luck to Chanatos with his series, remakes and movie. I hope to watch it soon.


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