miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

The Simpsons Guy Review (English)

I finally could watch the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover. I used to love both shows for different reasons, but nowadays they aren't memorable. Anyways, this is one of the crossovers I wanted to see the most when I was younger. So I can't be too hard on it even if I said to myself that I would stop watching both shows if this sucked.

It didn't suck, but it wasn't good either. It's way better than a regular episode from both shows nowadays, but that's not saying much.

This was marketed like an hour long special (and the previews made me laugh). No, it wasn't, it was just a little longer than a double one. And it shouldn't be in my opinion. If this would be 22 minutes long, I would appreciate it better. Maybe 30 minutes so we can have the 7 minute chicken fight.

The special had its moments, but it isn't a crossover until 10 minutes at least. The plot of the first act was actually good for a current FG episode. They should have used it for other ep and start this right in Springfield giving a shitty excuse. I mean, it's FG, we don't need a reason for the Griffins being on Springfield.

The humor works, but only for people who has loved both show like me. The meta-fiction humor is fun and the references really make the episode... if it was 22-30 minutes long! Seriously, I wanted this crossover to be long so it could be satisfying. But not, it was BOOORING.

Seriously, I enjoyed a lot the cameos. When Apu or Wiggum show-up from nowhere it's really enjoyable, because they act like we remember them. There is one scene on the court with the characters from both shows being compared and the fact that this isn't fanmade just blows my mind.

But no, we focus on the boring parts. We know that the Simpsons/Griffins won't affect each other's life because even the episode itself announces this is a one-time event (like Snake in Smash). So we want to see the family members interacting in fun ways.

At last, this picture makes sense

Homer and Peter steal the show, this crossover should be just about them. Who cares about Stewie and Bart or Lisa and Meg? Even the creators don't seem to care about Marge and Lois. Why should we?

So the majority of this special is just losing our time. This ep could be condensed into a regular episode and nothing would be lost. That's the biggest misoportunity for me.

Realizing that Bob's Burger, American Dad and Cleveland Show had cameos too, I know this won't be the last time we see this guys together. We know that MacFarlane's three cartoons can't make a decent crossover, but The Simpsons ep with Jay Sherman is a classic. Oh, right, that was old Simpsons.

Simpsons confirmed a crossover with Futurama and the older Simpsons. I'm afraid, because Futurama is my favourite cartoon with The Frollo Show and Gravity Falls. It could be a bad idea or the best idea ever.

My veridict, watch this if you were a Simpsons or Family Guy fan, it will entertain you and you will laugh at a couple of references and meta humor.

-I think that the 7 minute chicken fight will be hit or miss. I enjoyed it, but not as a climax. Chicken fights should be random and unrelated to the plot.