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Top 10 Movies from 2013 I liked the most

*I won't explain the details, just the overall opinion. The complete version is in Spanish here:

Top 10 Películas de 2013 que más me gustaron por aitormolina

10º Thor: The Dark World

*Movie Review of Thor 1 and 2 (in Spanish):

Movie Reviews: Thor 1 & 2 from Aitor Molina on Vimeo.

A good continuation because it centers more on Asgard. Loki and Thor are way more interesting than before. It's entertaining, but Darcy Lewis appears even more than in the first movie. She is Marvel's Jar Jar Binks, we could get more of the main villain instear of her.

9º Her

I had to watch it online in English. It's technically better than things we will see later, but I didn't enjoy this as much as those. In an objective top, it could be even in first place. The script and acting is great and the main character is reliable, specially if you have been in a relationship. But it's needlessly long, it has some great cinematography, but it gets repetitive. The main problem is the lenght, even if it strikes you in the feels. Sorry, but I prefer rewatching the other elections. This movie is just for this emotional state, not for a casual viewing.

8º The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

*Movie Review of The Hobbit 1 and 2 (in Spanish):

Movie Reviews: The Hobbit 1 & 2 from Aitor Molina on Vimeo.

Great sequel, better than a lot of Hunger Games and Harry Potter... even it has the forced love triangle. Smaug is a great special effect. Gandalf and the other characters are great too. I would suggest watching this instead of the first.

7º Pacific Rim

A pure popcorn action movie with great effects and scenery by Guillermo del Toro. This is my Gravity, my 2013 special effects flick. The characters aren't great, Independence Day level, like a Saturday morning cartoon. But the visuals and colouring make it. For example, it starts dark and gritty until they make the Jaegers. The secondary characters were funny, like Ron Perlman, Santiago Segura and a scientist that reminds me of Doctor Pandemia. Ironically, like Shingeki no Kyojin, I liked more the secondary characters than the main ones. Very entertaining, even there are a couple of boring scenes you will skip like Darcy Lewis.

6º The World's End

Last movie on Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy, which I discovered this year, I only knew Scott Pilgrim. I liked more Hot Fuzz, the more you watch it, more you like it, but I didn't like Shaun of the dead as much. This movie closed the trilogy spectacularly. Simon Pegg is really a great actor, he plays completely opposite characters in the trilogy. Some coreographies were great, I enjoyed them more than some action flicks. I can't wait for Ant-man (the list was made before the direction change).

5º Iron Man 3

I know that some of you will hate this election, but this MCU Phase 2 starting was appropiate and smarter than The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-man (this one is in English). Unlike those, I like IM3 more each time I watch them. I compared IM2 to Catching Fire being an Avengers/Mockingbird prequel instead of a sequel. But you could watch IM3 without knowing of Marvel.

I loved the plot twist at the end, even it inspired me to make the Bator Medina character. I'm glad this is of the highest-grossing films of the year (and of all time). I find hypocrite when people complain about this interpretation of the Mandarin because it isn't a faithful adaptation when the Joker in The Dark Knight isn't either. Even I liked Aldrich Killian, he wasn't intimidating, but at least he isn't another freaking armor.

4º Monsters University

Another movie hated by specially adults, because it has many cliches of the collegue movies of their time. For me, it was interesting, because I wasn't expecting this characters on those places watching Monsters Inc. The animation and designs are creative, a lot of background jokes too. It's Pixar at its finest, so many textures pay-off in 3D.

My only major complain is that they didn't use Randal Bogs as much as I wanted. If they didn't tell you he returns in the sequel, you wouldn't believe. The cameos were awesome, but I would prefer more about the story of the scarers or Sulley's family. I wouldn't mind is DisneyToon makes (GOOD) spin-offs like Planes. I want more of this world, even I wrote the script for a MInc sequel which I'm showing on the AMvs Top 9 Pixar Sequels I want to se (hopefully this year). I know I'm overhyping this because I watched when I started collegue.

3º Man of Steel

Yeah, haters... unlike Iron Man 3, people hate this since the beginning and not because the twist. Yes, it NEEDS improvement, I'm grateful that Zack Snyder will take an extra year to write it. But I'm scared about the crazy decisions like putting Ben Affleck as Batman or adding WonderWoman.

If Snyder learns from this mistakes, we can have a good follow-up. At least, this movie improved a lot of things from the old movies (and Returns). People who complain about this CAN'T watch the old movies back to back. It's as dark as it needs, THEY BLOW-UP HIS PLANET, dude! The costume looks more alien tan the previous too.

But I hated the dad and some characters you could take out not changing anything like Lois Lane. I like Russel Crowe more than Marlon Brando, it feels like he could be Superman's dad. I think that Brando is overrated, anybody could do that role. Zod was a huge improvement too and a reliable character. You can compare him to extremist terrorist groups, while the old movies make him look like a school bully.

2º Frozen

Best DISNEY movie I have seen in a lot of time. Way more "disney-er" than Wreck-it Ralph and Brave. Ralph's movie felt like Pixar and they spent a lot of marketing on the licensed cameos. Frozen looked like Tangled, which I don't like AS A DISNEY FLICK, because the songs are forgetable and the characters nothing really new (like Wall-e, a second view knowing those tropes made me apreciate it a lot more).

I thought that Frozen was going to be a Tangled rehash, I hadn't expectations. BUT NO... I WAS WRONG. Even the trailers made this movie look bad. Seriously, the snowman and reindeer reminded me of the Ice Age sequels. Even I hated the snowman in the trailer, but he's funny in the movie... not like Darcy Lewis and Lois Lane...

It's visually interesting, the animation in the ice looks unbelivable and FINALLY we have catchy Disney songs. What was the las time we sing with a Disney Classic? I think that The princess and the frog. The songs won't leave your head for weeks, I hope this is a second Renaissence for Disney, even I think that Ralph started that.

I'm not surprised that is being adapted into a Broadway musical, I would watch it. I like how it breaks with classic Disney stereotypes and cliches. Not the first time we see them, but still fresh and each time better, and not for comedic purposes. The relationship between the sisters was heartwarming, but I prefer Lilo & Stitch.

1º Kick-ass 2

Being sincere, first place by little. I like its comedy, drama and phylosophy. For me, this is one of the best sequels of all time. I thought they were only adding violence and blood, but it feels more epic than Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. The characters are developed even more, it could be a Marvel or DC flick.

On the movies, Kick-ass is like Marvel's Watchmen, because both franchises are from Marvel and DC sub-editorials. It feels like a Tarantino movie and the speaking is believable. The villain is hilariously pathetic, it's hard to do that in a mvie like this. Superheroes on a realistic concept are difficult to make interesting and this movie owns it.

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