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"The Amazing Spider-man 2" Spoiler-free review (English)

The Amazing Electro: Rise of the Sinister Six

Seriously, this is better than the first one and Spidey looks cool, but I prefer Emo Peter to this douchebag...

First of all, my major problems with the first movie:
-It tried so much on being "realistic" and reliable that when it fails, it really takes you out.
-Too dark and grey, Spider-man should be colorful.
-They totally wasted the Lizard's emotional potential turning him into a generic bad guy.

This solved nearly any problem I had with the first one. It's colorful, looks gorgeous, Spidey is a joker and the villains are reliable. It answers everything about Peter's parents and that shouldn't be such a big part in the previous film. The first spends like half of the movie on this plot and it doesn't pay-off.

I really hate Peter Parker in this movie. I like Andrew Garfield's performance, but the script can make him the best person in the world on some scenes and the stupidest in others. For example, at the beginning, Spidey shows that he cares about people. But then, he stops being that reasonable and he, literally, is the cause of every villain in this movie! And then he acts like "oh, Gwen, sorry, that's what happens when you are Spidey's boyfriend". No, that happens when Parker acts different with people just so they can become the villains of the film!

Like I said, the best part and characters are the villains. First of all, Electro. This movie shouldn't be called "Rise of Electro" like Captain America 2 shouldn't be called "The Winter Soldier". Because they aren't the most important villains for the plot! It's like calling "Spider-man 3: Rise of Venom", the fact that they appear doesn't make them the focus. Jamie Foxx as Electro was great, he's nerdy in a cartoony way but better than Edward Nigma in Batman Forever and Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3. You really feel for him, this guy has only Spidey on his life, since he saved it, and when he becomes Electro... holy shit... it's like Marvel's response to Doctor Manhattan. The dude is unstoppable and visually interesting.

Jamie Casas Mayoral

The other villains are also interesting and each of them has a different personality. This time, unlike in the previous film and most of the Raimi villains, they aren't just crazy or have double personaliy. Except Rhino, but he hasn't to, he's over the top and an hilarious brute. Paul Giamatti's facial expressions are the best of the movie. Also, he doesn't appear as much as they marketed.

Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn is way better in this movie than James Franco in the entire trilogy. If you saw Dehaan in Chronicle, that's like a prequel of this. The boy is fucked-up, but he's smart and knows how to control his emotions. His Green Goblin was also better than both Raimi's. You really see how his (not a spoiler because is on the trailer) illness is making him mor desperate for a cure.

I would also love to talk about Gwen. While in the first movie I like her chemistry with Peter, in this I respected her a lot more. I mean, she's in love, but every time she argues with Peter I'm in her side. Because in this movie, Peter makes too many mistakes. Even as Spidey he's funnier than Maguire, as Peter I didn't want to hit a person in the face so many times since Eren Yaeger (Attack on Titan) and Randy Stone (Gravity). This movie made me root from the villains. I don't want to see a new Spiderman movie, I want to see the Sinister Six one.

While the first movie was grey and green for the most part, this is neon-blue, green and clear. The direction was just outstanding and the cgi great. I think that spending a bit more on 3D would enchance the experience. It's also the most imaginative since the Sandman scenes in Spiderman 3. Everything related to electricity and spider-sense in slow-motion looks unbelievable.

It also shows that Sony is trying to make a Cinematic Universe like Disney and FOX. The trailer showed Doctor Octopuss' arms and Vulture's wings and... there isn't much more. There are hints about who could become Vulture and who could be Black Cat in the next, but nothing big. Oh, and forget about the hat guy, they don't give new clues. I think he's Mysterio, Chameleon or Jackal playing all the time with people's lives and that Peter's hallucinations with Gwen's dad is one of these.

They didn't even show Jameson and the Daily Bugle! And Peter selling his photos to the newspaper is part of the plot in the movie. I hope they put JK Simons as Jameson again in the sequel.

And I don't know if this happened only in my cinema or what, but instead of the rumored post-credits scene with the hat guy talking to Norman Osborn's head, they put a "X-Men: Days of Future Past" trailer. WHY???

In conclusion, I really liked it. But it doesn't deserve to be called a superhero movie. This is more a Sinister Six prequel than a Spiderman movie the same way than Iron Man 2 is more an Avengers prequel and Catching Fire a Mockingbird one. But, for what it is and not for what they marketed as, it's a lot of fun. But it makes me root more for the villains, Gwen and even Emo Peter!

I can't wait for the Sinister Six crossover