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The Frollo Theory #1

Since The Frollo Show is my faovurite series, I often rewatch the episodes looking for easter eggs and secrets. When I discover something interesting, I post it on the official Facebook page so every fan can read it and write his opinion.

I will write three theories each article and I may translate it for the Hispanic readers.

Theory #1

Do you remember Villain's Valley? Check the mark 5:40 of Final Forest:


Now, check the background of the new Frollo Show trailer:


A bit of history:

Villain's Valley was going to be the last SSE level in Lawl. But Chincherrinas made a lot of characters and modes, starting with Yomika, so the next levels were Guertena Museum and Camp of Stars instead the Valley.

What could this mean?

Frollo Gets Flashed By A Gothic Lolita has a lot of similarities with Brawl's final act.

In Brawl: The characters go through a portal to fight Tabuu while the "losers" have some revival chips made by King Dedede.

In TFS: They will fight Wilford Brimley in his dimension, a lot of characters died and the survivors are on THE PITy.

My theory is that Chin won't do his original idea about Villains Valley because the changes he make for the newcomers and that idea was recycled for TFS.

What do you think? Casuality or there is a link between both ideas?

Theory #2:

Since we will be able to watch the new episode on less than 7 hours, I'm doing Frollo Show marathon to get every reference. That's why I'm linking some things.

My second theory of today is a bit crazy and it just could be based on meaningless jokes. But through the series, Chin likes to foreshadow a lot:

-The theme of "Frollo finally doing it" with Panty starts pretty soon in the series and it's the main macguffin of the show.

*If you don't know what a magguffin is: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macguffin

-Some events are totally opposite from others. That way, we have an ep called "Frollo gets AIDS" and other "Frollo tries to get laid" (and now "Frollo finally does it”). Also, "Frollo is too young" and "Gaston is too old" in the birthday dream. BTW Leet Fighters 4 and 5.

Assuming that the perfect form of Wilford Brimley had been foreshadowed, how could it be? I have four possibilities. Remember that the perfect form could not be foreshadowed, so don’t take them too seriously:

1) Wilfiygas:

This would be very lame because we have already seen this form and it was when he even wasn't perfect. But Chin has developed his animation and effects a lot since "Frollo misses his mother". So it could be like when Mecha Streisand returns in South Park: same old one-time character, but thousands times cooler and well-done.

2) "Ronald McDonald"

I use quotes because we know he is an illusionist, so he could have been using an invented identity all the time and we still don't know his real one. Now, you could argue that Ronald and Wilford can't be the same entity because when Ronald fights Panty, both are at the same spot on the same time. This isn't a problem, because we have seen Ronald being defeated by his own allusions: Nostalgia Critic and his Burger King in "Frollo beats Evil Residents".

I have another proof for this argument: when Ronald beats Panty, he says "I'm getting better at beating angels". Saying "I'm getting better" proves he has beaten angels before. Ronald hadn't share any scene with angels before, but Wilford yes.

When Frollo and Gaston go to Hell, Panty and Stocking try to replace them, but they're instantly defeated by Wilford. That would explain a previous fight between them.

Also, Ronald/Wilford's perfect form could be foreshadowed on Leet Fighters 6 when Guile and Bison see a unshown Ronald form so scary that they run away. I always thought that Ronald was based on Stephen King’s It, since both are scary clowns that transform and make illusions.

3) Shrek

Calm down, I have an explanation. Wilford is identified with the color red: his power is seen as a red aura, the sky becomes red when he becomes perfect...

Now, this could be a lazy argument, but when Irate Gamer uses Inferno's power to defeat Morrigan and Demitri, the sky turns Wilford-ish for a moment with plenty of Shrek faces. This could be a simple joke because Bores plays before that a Shrek game and, lastly, Shrek is becoming an Internet meme: "Shrek is love, Shrek is life".

So, could Bores playing Shrek and the sky turning into him be foreshadowing Shrek being the perfect form?

I didn't think on writing it on this page because it feels too random... until Wilford himself says after defeating Super Sayian Frollo "I'm love, I'm life". Again, these could be only jokes, but it could be a smart way of foreshadow.

4) Obao

Taking in mind that Wilford creates his dimension eating Madotsuki's dreams, it wouldn't be random if the perfect form has a Yume Nikki feel to it.

Obao is a Uboa parody that has his own page on Facebook and his popularity is growing. Guess which is its catchphrase?: "Obao is love, Obao is life". What did Wilford said after defeating Super Sayian Frollo? "I'm love, I'm life".

As a last proof? What did Frollo draw in his dream diary before his birthday? Uboa with Gaston's face.

Thank you for reading and I would love to see your own theories.

Theory #3:

This will be short and more like a easter egg than an actual theory, but has anybody noticed the Wilford-Lemongrab connection?

First of all, the last ep changed my mind about Wilford. I thought that his rise as main villain was too random because since he was defeated that easily with food in "Follo misses his mother", he hadn't made any notable aparitions and his inclusion to Los No-Frollos was like he hadn't any betrayal plan. Just think that he returned because Yzma restored his energy with a potion.

Now, the actual theory/easter egg: every Lemongrab apparition is linked with Wilford in some way.

-Lemongrab appears in the show for the first time as a cameo saying that The Wilford Show is UNNACEPTABLE.

-He has a major role in "Frollo is too young". Can you remember his death? He suicides in a Madotsuki style after watching Fred's movie. Then we have a "random Wilford moment" with him becoming the jellyfishes.

This is a really clever foreshadowing. Just think on it: Lemongrab dying and Wilford becoming a dream character. Even he appears twice like how he clons himself in the last ep!

-Then they share many scenes on the No-Frollos and, surprisingly, he dies in Wilford's dream world like the "random joke" predicts.

What do you think, coincidence or clever writing?

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