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Sprite Bros Lawl: Levels 8-18 (English)

Previous levels

All Season 1 rivalries

IM MEEN vs. The King (IM MEEN vs. Ophelia Chill & The King vs. ? in Season 3)
Nostalgia Critic vs. AVGN
Leonidas vs. Xerxes
Tommy Wiseau vs. Nicolas Cage
Irate Gamer vs. Garbage Guy
Frollo vs. Gaston
Hitler vs. FEGELEIN
Panty & Stocking vs. Scanty & Kneesocks
Hades vs. Best Hercules
Hank Hill vs. Dale Gribble
Billy Mays vs. Morshu
Ash Williams vs. Slenderman
Bane vs. Silva
Reggie Fils-aime vs. Captain N
Epic Gamer vs. Aitor Molina (Epic Gamer vs. Luisarmando & Aitor Molina vs. ? in Season 3)
Madotsuki vs. Poniko
Ib vs. Mary

Black words: The character is a fighter.
Red words: The character is a boss.

Level 8: Tercer Milenio

The level starts with a little recap made by Jaime Maussan in his programme Tercer Milenio: he shows clips about Chicago/St. Francisco and Daten City exploding after the aparitions of the Giant Donkey Kong and Ghost Rider, Bane's holdup in the back and for the last, the one which most surprised him; a UFO which obviusly is Hades' flying chariot with him, Scanty, Kneesocks and Hitler unfocused.

In the audience, there is one who believes that isn't a ufo, but a conspiration of the Goverment. That guy was Dale Gribble, who goes upset at the stage. There is also a third character who isn't proud of the evidence and shouts that it is fake: Haruhi.

Three theories and they can't give evidence of even one of them, so they finish fighting. Eddie Brock is also in the audience, so he starts taking photographs about the fight. One of Jaime's screens is flashing with a red alert of alien attack. The four arrive to the screen and see a giant meteorite will destroy the city.

They close their eyes and a very small meteorite falls over Eddie, making the other three and the audience laughing at him. So he gets angry and a symbionth goes out the rock to cover Eddie's body and turning him into Movie Venom. He is the boss of the levels and attacks like in the movie. His symbionth protects him of attacks, so you have to use big speakers to separate Eddie from the symbionth and attack him when he is vulnerable.

When you defeat Venom, the symbionth abandons him and goes to the exit dragging very fast. The three ufologists run after it and Eddie also, because he wants to revenge that thing.

Level 9: Mexican Street

Jaime Maussan, Dale Gribble, Haruhi and Eddie Brock are out of the Tercer Milenio building and follow the symbionth on a street based on "El Chavo del Ocho" show with enemies from it. The symbionth possesses Don Ramon turning him evil, like an evil clone by shadow bugs, and the four heroes have to fight him.

When Ramon is defeated, he throws angry the symbionth thought a window instead of capturing or destroying it, so the heros have to search it to destroy and he allies with them like Eddie did after his defeat. They arrive to Luisarmando's house while he is making a video showing his videogames. Now, Luisar is possessed and becomes the enemy until is the enemy and the symbionth jumps to a mall. Luisar unites with the heroes to help.

The Mexican mall is the last side scrolling part of the level. There, you follow the symbionth fighting security guards until the owner itself reveals to fight you with the power increased because the alien entity: Morshu. At last, he is defeated and goes with the others until they corner the being between them and a wall.

But, a new character appears swinging in webs: Emo Peter. Everybody knows he is Spider-man with another symbionth in his costume because the spider logo is visible in his chest. He wants more power, so he allows the being in his costume, overpowering it until they transform into a giant mutant creature: Movie Venom II. He is a more powerful version of the previous one but he can't move, is bigger and has tentacles. Now, the speakers appear in police helicopters.

After the winning, Peter's extra symbionth is finally destroyed and he has what he had before the fight. He is cornered and he can't scape all the angry people. But he swings a web-rope up and disappears. Everybody look up and he was rescued by Dr. Alfred Molina, in his version of the Egg Carrier.

Level 10: The Plothole

First we see an approaching to the picture of Nostalgia Critic and Frollo, carried by the characters who were in the Art Gallery. After the transition, the duo wakes up in the room where NC was trapped without time existence in the "Scooby-doo" review. There is Roger the Angel, watching them and he goes to being followed to the only door.

There starts the next level, with enemies from NC reviews. The level ends in a dark area where the only visible thing is the Plothole itself. Roger explains that the hole is a representation of their culpabilities. So the hole itself starts talking with the voice of Ma-Ti reproaching that NC let him being killed and Frollo only sees Esmeralda dancing at the nucleus.

So the boss-fight is agains the Plothole. It is at the centre of the stage and sometimes moves so it is more difficult to hit it. It doesn't attack, only sends clone fighters to fight against you. Hole's borders hit you and the center gives a instant K.O. To give damage to the hole, you have to throw the fighters it sends you to its centre. The fighters he sends are one Ma-Ti, clone of NC, and two red-hooded figures, clones of Frollo.

After defeating the hole, the place becomes unstable and Roger escapes jumping into the hole. So NC and Frollo do the same and they reach safely the next stage.

Level 11: The Kitchen

Orange is annoying Apple until Knife kills it (this phrase sounded retarded). Then, NC and Frollo appear where Apple was, with their size, and Orange starts mocking them. So they fight and then they see their enemies, Roger and Grapefruit, at the other corner of the kitchen.

The goal of the level is going to there fighting with the fruit enemies to then defeat the two enemies, who are clones. Roger has the same attacks as Panty/Stocking and Grapefruit as Orange. After the fight, Knife kills Grapefruit. The other four look up and see a giant version of Garbage Guy. Roger uses his magic to attack GG but he reflects it with the Knife to a lemon, which becomes alive and half-human screaming: Lemongrab.

Now, GG kills Roger and the other four characters unite to defeat the boss: Giant Garbage Guy. He attacks with his hands, like Master & Crazy Hand. But the right has Knife and he can do a 1-hit-ko with that, like Orange's final smash. The weak spot is the head and hand which hasn't the knife, which breaks after wining.

GGG is defeated and falls. The four heroes celebrate until GGG wakes up again and takes Lemongrab to squeeze him on a juicer. Lemongrab starts screaming "UNACCEPTABLE" so loud the kitchen quakes and the four characters recover the human size (even Orange). Now, GG has nothing to do against four characters, so he is put in a trashcan and then go.

Level 12: Devasated City

The level starts in the house of "Mad Father". Aya enters in the machine and teleports into the same city which was destroyed levels ago. So the machine saved her of being absorbed by the subespacial bomb. Aya goes out the house and explores the city looking for survivors. The enemies are from previous levels and Mad Father.

She only finds a church, where the lights are on. She enters and sees Homer Simpson in underwear dancing because now is his the building. When he sees Aya, he thinks she is a mutant like the other citizens so they fight. Then, some zombified Springfield inhabitants break on the church and the duo sees who are the real enemy. So they join forces to escape from the church by smacks.

Out of the church, more zombies are coming in a huge car. But another is for rescuing the duo, one riden by Peter Griffin disguised as a pirate. Griffin lets Aya and Homer entering in his car and drives, so the other two have to fight against the zombies in a fast brawl on the road.

When you destroy the zombie car, Griffin's car explodes and the three see the boss o the monsters: Zombie Michael Jackson. He is the boss of the level and has the same attacks than the fighter plus he can invoke zombies to help. After defeating him, he will turn in the Moonwalker version of Michael Jackson, destroy the zombies left with his magic hat and join the group.

Level 13: Videoland

Captain N is called to defend the world of videogames because Hitler was invading it. So he has to explore some areas based on Mario and Sonic games to find help from two related characters of these sagas: Sprite Dr. Mario and Cosmo. This level is short because the next is longer than a usual and follows directly. But, this level has two bosses at the same time: King Hippo & Eggplant Wizard, both at the same time like Scratch & Grounder on the original Lawl. And you have to defeat only one to complete the level. The survivor will escape.

Level 14: Wolfenstein

Captain N, Sprite Dr. Mario and Cosmo arrive to the game where Hitler rules, which is inspired by a real game and has a lot of nazis in it as enemies. This level can be explained in three phases:

The first phase ends with a room full of nazis who will shoot FEGELEIN. You have to defeat al the nazis before Fegel gets shooted and then he will join to your group.

The second phase ends in another room, bigger than the previous, with the nazis prepared to shoot at you leaded by King Hippo/Eggplat Wizard (the survivor of the previous level). He will be again a boss being double bigger, stronger and with the help of the nazis. But the half of the enemies will be instant killed by Deadpool and his katanas, who will join to you.

The third and final phase ends with the final boss: Mecha Hitler, the same as the original game, but giant. When you destroy the robot, the heroes are going to trap Hitler but he is rescued by Emo Peter, swinged in Dr. Alfred Molina's Egg Carrier. So the villains escape and the heroes follow them.

Level 15: Slender Forest 

Aitor Molina, Ib, Epic Gamer and Mary arrive to the part of the Ib game which looks like painted by a child and it mixes with the woods from the "Slender" game. To escape from there, Mary says that is necessary to find the eight pages. So the level has a goal apart from defeating slender/ib/aitor enemies.

When you have the half of the pages, you will enter in the cabin and you will awake Yomika, who is poor and lives in that little house. But she attacks you to protect the pages left. The four defeat her thinking she is an enemy but she knows if someone colects the pages, something bad will succeed. But she is a hikkimori and can't talk.

When you find the final page, Slenderman will appear and teleport you with the transition to a very dark place. There, the five will be reunited with Leonidas, Best Hercules, Ash Williams and Madotsuki, who where trapped ther by Uboa. Slend teleports there with Mary between his hands and she says she is his daughter. Also, IM MEEN and Poniko were with the others and Meen explains he could create that dark world and the Subespacial Bombs with the help of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, Book of the Dead. With it, he creates a castle which mixes elements of his game and things related to the others and traps the heroes there... FOR A THOUSAND YEARS!

Level 16: Necronomic Castle

Aitor Molina, Ib, Epic Gamer, Yomika, Leonidas, Best Hercules, Ash Williams and Madotsuki united to escape from the castle of the world created by IM MEEN using the Necronomicon. Since the previous level hadn't any boss, this has three, and the first two attack at once. They are Onion & Garlic, the jellyfishes of "Yume Nikki" who are semi-bosses in "Yume Nikki Gensou". They are followed by Akumu, also with the moves of the game. When the bosses are defeates, the castle is destroyed and the heroes are safe, but still trapped.

Level 17: Skyfall Mansion

Panty, Stocking and Nicolas Cage are following in their car the stolen Batmobile of Bane to the mansion of Skyfall. Bane enters and the angel sisters follow him with Cage. The level is full of Bane and Skyfall henchmen and it ends in a large room where Bane goes to meet Silva, who is in front of Zoolander touching him in a very gay way. After seeing the intruders, Silva sends henchmen to fight.

When the henchmen are defated, Bane himself goes to fight. PSC manage to break one of the tubes of Bane's mask injurying them, so Silva starts scarying and throws Zoolander to them so he can escape. But then; Slenderman with Mary, IM MEEN and Poniko teleport there to take their allies to the Persian Camp where their leader is.

Seeing Bane defeated, they send Poniko to help and then Meen touches Silva to teleport with him and the others away. Poniko takes Bane's hand and they fusion into one powerful character: Uboane. He is the boss of the level having the attacks of both characters, so Panty, Stocking, Cage and Derek have to fight hard to defeat him. But he was also a trap, because he had a subespacial bomb within and the heroes had to escape fast.

Level 18: Persian Camp 

AVGN, Gaston, Tommy Wiseau and The King were running from the city and meet other group: Hank Hill, Billy Mays and Reggie Fils-aime. Both unite and see all the villains on the sky flying to a camp where the Persian army is stayed. Hades, Irate Gamer, Scanty & Kneesocks are in the flying chariot. Dr. Alfred Molina, Emo Peter and Hitler in the Egg Carrier. Slenderman, Mary, IM MEEN and Silva by teleporting. So the two groups go at once thought the camp until they find Ephialtes, the hunchback traitor, puniching a tied on columns New Hercules. 

Ephiliates and the Persians are the boss of the game and they have to be defeated before they kill NH. Then, he will unite to you. At the edge of the camp, you will meet the king-god Xerxes, who called all the villains. He offered to IM MEEN changing the Necronomicon for Persian goody-goodies (bitches). With the Book of the Dead, Xerxes snatches Hades' god powers and takes them for himself, turning into Xerdes. Then, he invokes the Ice Titan and goes with the villains to another place because all the zone will be frozen.

Meen teleported with the goodies before that stopping to work for Xerxes and IG ran away when he saw the titan. Hades tried to stop him but gets frozen with Scanty & Kneesocks and can't fight. So is the heroes' work defeating the titan. After that, Hades gets angry and unites with the heroes because he has nothing, even he lost his chariot. The demon sisters did the same.

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