viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

Reflection about fame

*Este es otro de los trabajos de Inglés que gustan tanto que me tomo la libertad de compartirlos con vosotros. El tema debía ser una reflexión sobre la fama, cómo creo que la recibiría y quién es un modelo a seguir para mí.

Fame is a very abstract and relative concept because it is not clear when somebody becomes famous or only slightly popular. A neighbour can be popular in his town, or he can be like a hero, for doing something good, but that strangely is noticed outside that community. It is more heard about criminals in small towns who became legends because they kidnapped a lot of clildren, like the "Tío Camuñas" and "Hombre del Saco". So it is more likely ti become popular because of bad things. Take for wxample the people who earn fame on the Internet when people make fun of them, like Justin Bieber, the clumsy fat people and kids who say stupid things. Therefore, fame is not always linked with respect, virtue, money, beauty and admiration like it is usually thought.

If I become famous one day, ehich I doubt, I think it would be because my crazy stories and videos. Since I have spent the last four years of my life developing a personal animation style and making a great number of videos doing different things, from reviews and gameplays to visits to expositions and slapstick comedy, maybe some webmaster, producer or animation-studio manager sees my series and he wants to show or remake them with bigger budget and more people working in them. I had not think in living of my projects until this summer I won an idea contest, so the youth centre of Portugalete is helping me making a full-lenght motion picture called "Bidaia" (The Travel), based on my characters, series and a bit of my life. As a result, I am knowing many companies which make movies and not very far from here. For that reason, this may be the beginning of something really good.

For me, a role model is James Duncan Rolfe, from Cinemassacre. People know him because "The Angry Video Game Nerd" show, a programme where he dresses like a geek and he reviews bad retro games using nasty jokes and gross language. But his motivations go further: AVGN was only a video trilogy because a friend called Mike Matei, who is the co-creator of the web, gave him some bad NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games and he thought making fun of them in front of a camera would be funny for his friends. But then, YouTube was created and they suggested him to share the AVGN, so it became a success. Before that show, he used to make home-made films all his life, even before having a computer. And now, AVGN is so popular that the movie is being made. Just like my movie! So, this similarities make a connection between us and I admire him specially because that.

NOTA DE LA PROFESORA: I'm amazed by your writing again! I've enjoyed it. Good Englush, good ideas. Really good, Aitor. By the way, congratulations for your prize, I didn't know.

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