lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

Towelman V has a date

*La siguiente historia la escribí para una redacción en la asignatura de Inglés que debía tener como tema una cita. Como cada vez que escribo algo cachondo me gusta publicarlo, he aquí este nuevo escrito protagonizado por Toallaman V, personaje creado e interpretado por Celio Hogane. Al ser un personaje casi olvidado. Le incluiré en la futura serie de Badass Five. Así que ésto puede servir como un preview de lo que sería el cómic o en lo que se materialice. Así que disfrutadlo.

In Mayorca, there is a superhero called Towelman V who fights the criminals using his magic towel. Since he trains all the day and night to be strong and also researches for new ways to take off the crime, he hasn't got much free time to go out with friends or meet girls.
One day, he saw a young good-looking woman dressed as a female version of him cleaning the park.  Towelman V was amazed about her patience, so he helped her using his superpowers.
Then, the girl introduced herself to the hero saying she was a fan of his work, so she wanted to call his atention to see him in person. The Towel Guy saw a great opportunity to have a girlfriend or sidekick, so he asked her out and she agreed.

They were going to meet the following day at the tallest building in Mayorca. The hero knew a person who wanted to help him in his crime-fighting quest needed also superpowers or, at least, a lot of luck.
The Towel Caped could easily fly to the top of the edifice in seconds, but another person had to climb or sneak in taking much time.
But when the hero went to the top, he looked not beliebing that the girl was there like if nothing had happened.
The couple spent the day saving it from martians and robots as they talked about themselves, Both seemed very happy and they know they could have a great relationship.

After the date, Towelman V followed Towelgirl from far because he wantes to know where she was living and who she was. The chick went to a very dangerous street where she entered into an abandoned bell factory. The hero watched from outside through a window and he saw his enemy, Dr. Firze, turning her off because she was a cyborg created by him.
Towelman V broke into the factory and he smashed the scientis.
Next, he called the police to send him to prison but the cyborg wasn't there. Toweman V was very sad and a policewoman gave him a handkerchief to dry his tears. He watched her and thought:
"God never closes a door without opening a window".

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  1. LOOOL, te flipas en los trabajos xDD, ¿que te dijo el profesor de tu relato? xD

    1. Le encantó. Por eso lo posteé precísamente xD.