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Sprite Bros Lawl: Levels 1-7 (English)

Black words: The character is a fighter
Red words: The character is a boss

Level 1: TGWTG Anniversay Building

Nostalgia Critic is singing at the top of Chicago's tallest edifice when he is interrumpted by AVGN playing with a Nintendo DS. NC screams at him and they fight. Then, AVGN runs into an elevator being followed by NC and they descend into a room where Frollo and Gaston are watching football with the magic fire.

NC describes them like in Disneycember and they get offended, so reviewers fight against the villains. The fight is interrupted by Hades and his unfunny entrance. The four men stare at him with serious faces and Hades look to their faces waiting a reaction. The party is again annoyed, now by Irate Gamer in Hades's side showing his R.O.B. and releasing it so it can open a subespacial bomb with another like it.

Hades calls his flying black chariot and escapes with IG invoking a giant titan so the men can fight it not to stop the ROBs. The men watch a giant Jesus Christ face in the window and they realize the titan is Giant Robotic Donkey Kong Jesus Riding A Puff Of Smoke. The four fight him and when he is disappearing into the smoke, he trapes NC in a hand and Frollo in the other. AVGN and Gaston are going to help them but the bomb explodes and they have to run the explosion.

Level 2: The Room Street

Tommy Wiseau is buying flowers for Lisa and saluting the doggy. So he leaves the florist and returns to his house. Before reaching the door, he watchs Denny being menaced by Chris R, so Tommy fights him to save his friend. Then, he enters the house and sees Lisa with a blonde bearded man: The King. Tommy tears himself apart and starts screaming and asking why. King laughs with Lisa spilling wine an Tommy calls him chicken, so both fight.

The fight is so agresive they break a window and fall to the street. They are going to fight again but two running figures interrupt them. Thay were AVGN and Gaston. Tommy and King watch the explosion and they also scare, so they follow the other duo.

Level 3: Daten City

Panty and Stocking are called by Galterbelt because a new ghost is destroying the city's road burning it and smashing cars. So the Angel Sisters search the monster on the city and when they reach it, he is Ghost Rider. They fight and when the angels win, the Ghost returns to his normal form of Nicolas Cage. Panty thinks he is old, but when he starts yelling and saying crazy things, Stocking falls in love with him.

Scanty and Kneesocks were watching the fight sitting in two chairs near them, so they say they transform Cage into a ghost and now the Angel Sisters must fight the Devil Sisters. Cage helps the angels but the demons are helped by another crazy man: Hitler.

The angels win the fight and Hades appears with Irate Gamer and the flying chariot angry about the lose. The demon sisters incline to the god apologizing and he puts them and Hitler in his vehicle to escape flying because IG put another two R.O.B.s with subespacial bombs and Daten City would be absorbed. The angels and Cage follows the chariot to escape from the explosion.

Level 4: Medieval World

Leonidas and Best Hercules are going to fight each other in the Best Colosseum. Leo wins with an increidible easyness when Hades's flying chariot passes over the stage and he invokes the dragon at the end of Evil Dead 2. But he accidentally opened a time warp where Ash Williams falls, so he saves the greek heroes shooting the dragon with his shotgun-hand and the three ally to fight the monster.

The heroes win and Ash says to kill a god they need the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, Book of the Dead. So they start a quest to find it. At the end of the level, they find three books which are the same. They pick up one random but they get sucked in. Then, IM MEEN appears and he takes the book which was his.

Level 5: Action Bank

Hank Hill is going to the bank but interrupted constantly by Billy Mays, who tries to sale him his products. Hank doesn't stand and he fights with him. He wins but Billy follows him to the bank. There, Reggie Fils-aime is selling Nintendo actions and all goes well until Bane and his goons from the League of Shadows break into the bank to sink the economy. So Hank, Billy and Reggie team-up to escape from the bank and in the exit, Scarecrow with his fire-breathing horse is waiting them. But they win and run out.

Level 6: Art Gallery

Aitor Molina and Diego Ersonsestao are in the museum. Diego watchs Ib and he jokes following her like he was who painted the pictures. Both disappear with the lights and Aitor gets alone, so he explores the gallery.

Eventually, he meets with Ib, who is lied down. She was looking for her friend Carry like Aitor was searching Diego. So they unit to find their friends.

Later, they find a room with a picture of Nostalgia Critic and Frollo. They take it activating a switch which lets an architecture called "Pile of Coins" appear. They go to see the tower when from it, Epic Gamer descends confusing the kids from enemies of the museum.

After the fight, they realize they are allies and team to find an exit. They watch footsteps to a room full of creepy blue dolls so they fight. Then, a giant creepy blue doll appears from a picture and it is the boss. When they win and go out of the room, they find Mary and she says she knows where the exit is, so they follow her.

Level 7: Pink Sea

Madotsuki is dreaming about being in the Snow World and she is going to visit the cone house. She goes to the igloo with the puddle but Yuki-onna is guarding it so they fight. Then, the puddle transports her to the Pink Sea and she goes to the cone house. There, Poniko has just defeated Leonidas, Best Hercules and Ash Williams. The two girls fight and Mado wins. That angries Poni and she transforms into Uboa sucking the four heroes into it.

When Uboa relaxes, it comes back into Poni and IM MEEN teleports there to laugh for the trap which set to them.


Nostalgia Critic (That Guy With The Glasses) 
AVGN (Cinemassacre)
Frollo (The hunchback of Notre Dame/The Frollo Show)
Gaston (Beauty and the Beast/The Frollo Show)
Tommy Wiseau (The Room)
The King (Mask of Gameleon)
Panty & Stocking (Panty & Stocking with Galterbelt)
Nicolas Cage (The wicker man)
Leonidas (300)
Best Hercules (Best Hercules version)
Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
Hank Hill (King of the Hill)
Billy Mays (Oxi Clean)
Reggie Fils-aime (Nintendo)
Aitor Molina (Aitor Molina Gamer Show)
Ib (Ib)
Epic Gamer (Epic Gamer conoce a)
Madotsuki (Yume Nikki)


Hades (Hercules)
Irate Gamer (Y2K Productions)
Scanty & Kneesocks (Panty & Stocking with Galterbelt)
Hitler (Downfall)
IM MEEN (I.M. Meen)
Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)
Mary (Ib)
Poniko (Yume Nikki)


Giant Robotic Donkey Kong Jesus Riding A Puff Of Smoke (Nostalgia Critic/That Guy With The Glasses)
Chris R (The Room)
Ghost Rider (The Ghost Rider)
Dragon (Evil Dead 2)
Scarecrow (Batman Begins)
Giant Creepy Blue Doll (Ib)
Yuki-onna (Yume Nikki)      

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