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My position on the Lawl comunity

*Esto es una respuesta a un artículo que escribió un tal Lance (no me sentiría cómodo nombrando su apellido ya que ni le he pedido permiso para publicarlo pero es necesario para entender mi respuesta) sobre lo que opina de los fangames que hay "planeados" sobre Smash Bros Lawl, el proyecto de Chincherrinas.

Mensaje de Lance:

I will be darned for saying this, but if we're looking to make a game that includes third-party content in abundance, than should it not have it's own page?

This page is for chincherrinas' Lawl, and any games should ideally be based off of his ideas and properties, with his direct selection should he choose to use any third-parties.

If we take too much control of it, then it is no longer his Lawl, but ours, and it isn't ours. So why are we making it ours?

I feel I must say this, as it has been bugging me for ages. Community input is good, but I really do feel that some of us as fans might be overstepping boundaries with regards to creative control. Input is nice, but we can't have too much. This isn't our project. It's chincherrinas', and that shouldn't ever change.

Take my tiers for example. Everything goes by chincherrinas before it actually becomes considered "official". If chincherrinas notices discrepancies based on information about moves that I overlook, than he corrects it. While the tier list is my creation, it follows chincherrinas' Lawl, and so I still remain within limitation assumed to exist.

This is why I'd lump any third-parties into a separate listing, as unless chincherrinas wills it, none of them will ever have a place in Lawl, and are merely fan-derived works inspired by a very unique spin on otherwise old sources.

Ultimately, chincherrinas should have the final say on anything and everything, and everything should be run by him first before it is considered as "we're doing this for sure". This page should also ideally remain a bastion for his ideas and additions, and for his questions. If he wants us to post movesets on this page, then we can put them on this page. If he wants our weird suggestions? Then we can put them on this page.

But overall, I feel we're wresting too much control over his idea sometimes, and that is almost akin to plagiarism, stealing, whatever you wish to call it.

That is all. I simply had to get it off my chest. Don't hate me too much now! D:

*Assumes a Drinking Formation*
Mi respuesta:
I am 100% agree in making a new Facebook page for the Smash Bros Lawl fangames because the official is getting flooded by fan-fanfics (Lawl is still a big Brawl fanfic/parody) and the worst thing is for the moment, apart of my work, there isn't anything solid.
For those who don't know, before "Sprite Bros Lawl" I worked in another SSB-style fangame called ICB (Internet Cross Battle), which was prothagonized by characters of series and videogames made by friends. Even the section where I publice Lawl-related material is its.

I wrote several Story Mode levels like SBL's and made the fighters' trophies but the programator, Egyware, is studying at the University and before ICB he has his own projects, so I knew it hasn't future.

But I still enjoy making that crazy sprites and crossover stories, so why stop there when Chincherrinas opened a page for the Lawlers, which was the most ICB-like project I know?

Some people think I make the sprites for a fangame, but that isn't true, is just for my blog and entertainment. But since is a Lawl-related material, I also post it in the Lawl FB page and if someone tries to make a game with this characters, I haven't got any problems passing them.

Also, I knew Chincherrinas before the page, so know he would say me to stop doing my thing if he wouldn't like. But remember he passed me Ib and Mary's sprites knowing for what and he doesn't delete anything, which he could do.

But for the moment, the fangamers and spriters can't make another page because there isn't projects: it's true that someone is making the "official" Lawl fangame so he can, but the rest is only speculation. I maybe create a page for all my projects, but for the moment I don't want, so I won't do.

I expect my opinion get cleared and write your opinions in the comments.


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