viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Menos actividad por ahora

Ok, like Nintendogamemaster said in the last publication, I'm back but I wont' work as hard as before but there is a reason:

That news are in Spanish, but they mean I won a contest so they will produce me an sprite-animated movie which I have to make this year (I will talk with the organizators on Monday, if you want I say you what they say to me).

So, my activity will decrease: I won't make so many videos as before and the most will be re-uploads to Vimeo and I don't know what should I do with Pikeyo 3 and Red Leo Media 2, but I can't animate them even if PKY3 was half made.

But, before start with the filmaking, I have planned a couple of videos to celebrate my +200 videos (+100 in Vimeo). So the decrease won't start for the moment.

I also want to talk about ICB, which is a game with a section in this blog where characters made fbye friends and me fight in a Super Smash Bros style battles. The game will be programmed by Egyware when he finish his own project All You Can Eat and the cutscenes are being animated by KaySpriter. I make the roster and Story Mode.

Since the interest for ICB has decreased a lot because to continue writing I need more characters and for that I need a demo for incluide the first six and for that I need source material and 1/3 characters' series and games are cancelled, the game can't progress for the moment.

But, there is a very similar poject in Super Smash Bros Lawl's Facebook page which consists in making a sprited fangame using some of Chincherrinas and YTPGuy characters and others by popular demand.

Everyday, more people than the before passes to this page to write their ideas about new characters and crazy stuff, so it can't be said that it hasn't future because I am the master of creating and recycling ideas for making better ones.

So, give me a copule of days to make a Sprite Bros Lawl section in my blog and then we will talk xD.

Coming soon, this article in Spanish.

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