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Aitor Molina in SSBL (English)

Aitor Molina's moveset:
(I know I won't be added but I have made and appeared in a lot of videos so I can made my own. A lot of that videos are YTP and not made by me.)
Entrance: Coat (I am in the stage with the coat and pipe but when the other fighters appear, I lose them)
Neutral B: Telekinesis (I take a pen like in my "Chronicle" Movie Review. Both the pen and the tap are throwed in opposite directions by telekinesis and the direction can be controlled.)
Side B: Scream (I scream with rage in a lot of videos so walking or running if you press B, the fury is unleashed by mouth depending the time. This damages enemies which are near, like Nicolas Cage when he loses his shit.)
Up B: Mushroom Jump (A killer mushroom appears in my position and I jump hugh to avoid it moving very fast my arms trying to fly. The armas and mushroom damage.)
Down B: Chest (I touch a chest and a Luigi's Negative Zone-like bubble appears covering me inverting the colours like in "Zombie Hunter" Nes game review. The bubble destroys proyectiles and causes random effects, like Nostalgia Critic's Elephant).
Final Smash: I have two options;
1º Gamer Fury: Is pretty the same as Lucario's; I fly to the middle of the stage saying "This game SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS" like when I played "Ghosts 'n Goblins" throwing a lazor/shoop da whoop which direction can be controlled.
2º Scar and the manifestants: I teleport to a corner of the stage singing my version of "Be Prepared" while manifestants appear where the fighters are like Gaston's "Kill the Beast", but this is not random, attacks everyone.
After any of the FS, I changed into Pelmazo, the animated/Toon/sprite version of me whose moveset I can't make for the moment because he hasn't appeared in YTP or many videos.

Taunt 1: I say "AWESOOOOOOOOME" with a wizard hat and kryptonite.
Taunt 2: A Paint made comic-book balloon appears over my head while I make a sad face saying "I failed you Sal".
Taunt 3: I get converted into stone saying wrong "AAAAAAAA I HAVe BEEN PETRIFIED".
The first two taunts are from "Bad Animations" and the other from the "Gunshot Awakening" episode.

Victory 1: Demented laugh with Evil Dead 2 reindeer head and lamp like in my parody of that movie.
Victory 2: I say "YES" with Megaman X armor.
Victory 3: I start turning off and on the lights until I become Uboa.

Lose animation: A facepalm in my coach like when I talked of "hunger Gamer" cgi dogs.

Logo: "AMGS" red words.
Theme song: The remix of the AVGN song parody I did by Megaruben.
Victory theme: The same as "Contra 4".
Stage: BEC (It goes from out to in like "Fire Emblem" castle showing the building, entry and some expositions like Fosminer, Gamerland and Ikas Arts.
Assist trophy: Diego Ersonsestao (He starts going after a random fighter and when he catches one, a picture appears in front of him. Diego acts like he drawn the picture and the fighter is watching it and not moving but others can hurt him until the effect passes.)

Rival 1: Irate Gamer (Because I made my own shows after him not copying and I want to prove him it.)
Rival 2: Hardcore Kid (To prove who is the most hardcore teenager in the world.)

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