viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

El último mensaje a Gringonic

Él me respondió:

First of all i didn't say ANYTHING about having fans or being famous i am just using the art of youtube which you (clearly didn't understand) to my advantage , and yea where is that sprite animation i told you about did you find it, lets u didn't because it doesn't exist.and as i said before the name was just so that people can actually see my know what why do i even wast my time on an ASS like think its good making fun or even insulting someones work like that, You know i worked for this Day and night to finish this, if that effort isn't good enough for you then leave because it was enough for almost everybody else,i mean WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO YOU? IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE VIDEO LEAVE DAMN IT IF YOU HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY THEN DON'T, DON'T EVEN REPLAY TO THIS MESSAGE IF U HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY.GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE'S SERIES TO MAKE FUN OF.

Y yo le contesté:

Ok, I will be short:
1º I only wanted to explain my point of view. If I failed, it's my error.
2º Saying your series' name is for people watch it, contradicts your ''i'm a big fan of Sonic'' theory. You are only a fankid who thinks ''You Tube's art'' is stealing for your ego and being the awesomest for sonic-fans which you think are yours.

I have no more to say. If you do an animation which you think it will shut up me, then pass to let me know I am wrong about you.

Gringonic me respondió

Sí, el gringo de la otra otra vez (no quiero revelar su nombre hasta Bad Animations......9, supongo) me respondió con el siguiente mensaje:

Alright first of all if you think i can't make a series with my own characters the answer is Yes i can't because i don't usually edit sprites so that's why i use sonic's sprite and because i am a huge fan of sonic the hedgehog,and yea i want you to give me 1 sprite animation that was made with his OWN characters not even sonic FC but original characters.and yea don't send me one of those crappy animations and make sure it is a sprite animation .even if there were a sprite series like that its not famous because i have a lot of my animator friends and not even one of them told me even if i make one people won't like it so much or nobody will see it, because that's where the art of youtube kicks in, you have to make something people actually search for.and by the way i didn't see you comment on my second opening nor my 3rd or forth episode, you only commented on the video that are actually going to be remade (Episode 2 and the opening).

Y yo le respondí:

What part of ''I don't like your series'' didn't you understand?
So, you said to don't review your stuff and you talk about it like i have to see it to admire how kick-ass you are.
Another thing, are you doing for the fame?
That is just stupid. Did Mark Haynes become famous because he created SMBZ?
No. And I'm sure that you didn't know that Alvin-Earthworm's supposed name is that.
You think you are famous but you're not. You think that ''subscriber'' is the same of ''fan''.
What is sent to you was only a teaser trailer because i knew that you will run away saying your sonic-friends to see it for downrate and I don't mind that old trailer.

I have to admit i SUCK as animator. You animate better than me, but you haven't got any idea for the rest of making good things.

You haven't fans, you have sonic-fans who watch your... that... because Sega won't use your ideas.

You think you are very intelligent and creative because you know how to use the Macromedia Flash. That is nothing. If i wouldn't be studying, i will learn to animate and many people are interested in teaching me because they like the characters, story, settings and even parodies i did.

I'm not a Sonic fanboy but i play a lot of his games and you don't get the spirit of the games. It doesn't see natural, is like a parody of a sonic fangame parody.

And, please, explain me the title. Only explain me that.

jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

Conversación con el creador gringo al que avisé que iba a hacer un Bad Animations sobre su serie (Inglés)

I'm sure that I only leave a bad comment in your series and the rest is answering your fan-fanboys (fanboys of a fanboy).
I don't hate you, your fanfans or your work, I think the animation is just decent.
''Bad Animations'' is the title of the programme. But I'm not only see bad stuff. In general is see things that people send to me and I don't do them to fuck their creators. Most of the times I am doing the commentary watching the animation.
So, I don't review shitty things. I review things that people send to me because they think they suck.
Sorry for not be the only one who thinks it, but if you visited the channels of the people who comment in your video to help me or laugh, people like that watch random sprite-animations and send to me because they expect i will review them later.
And i have many fans that are better animators than you by far and they don't have to stole character with the excuse that ''is a tribute'' because actually, is less of creativity and imagination.

Boom Adventure is the worst piece of shit that i watch in my life. The animation is odd, the characters a joke, and it makes no sense.

Your animation is twenty times better than Boom Adventure. You think the only aspect that makes a good sprite-series good is have fast animation and cool Nintendo, Sega and DBZ characters.


Where is the creativity?
Where is the... purpose!
The 90% of your fans are jerks who only watch you because you use Sonic characters. Try to make a new series using original characters (created by you) and tell me how many people follow you.
Not all the animators are sprite-artists. We edit the sprites taking a head of one, the legs of other, different moves and weapons... and changing the details.
But you think if you colour Sonic in red is another character called "Reddy the Hedgehog".

Look, a lot of animators who I "bash" (like Leonardo0Z and AyrtonDC) are selfish and unnirational.
When a creator comes to me saying stop doing reviews, I do. Seriusly. If you don't want to make more BA about your videos, I won't (if you don't attack me or send hater fanfans).
But your series' is already done, so I will edit and upload when I can.
But.... you didn't troll me or insult. If you respet me, I will respet you.
The recording that I done is saying the first impressions because I see for the first time. I can watch for second time to center in the GOOD things, because it has.

So, sorry for the looooooong answer and say me your opinion.