martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

What I like doing in my free time.

NOTA: Este blog también me lo creé para escribir, ya que las otras páginas no lo permiten mucho. Por lo que haré una página más dedicada a la literatura.

INTRODUCCIÓN: El siguiente texto lo escribí para un trabajo de inglés. En él hablo de mi afición a Internet y me pareció interesante postearlo para que veáis que el menda sabe inglés y saca buenas notas xD

In my free time, I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I'm not very interested in social pages like Facebook, Twitter or Tuenti, but I have some experience in You Tube. I like both watching and doing or making videos for YT, especially videogame and movie reviews and animations.

At the weekend, I like to meet friends or go out with my family. But there aren't plans for all the days because they go to their towns, they are punished or they don't want to go out so I stay at home.

But don't think I suffer staying at home, because then is when I start ''working''. I open the chat and I speak to people from Spain and other countries who also have their projects on the web.

When I am inspired, I write the script for an animation, series or episode of my show. My show consist of me playing an old game or watching a very bad movie or animation and criticising making fun of it. In most of gameplays I lose again and again making me angry and I start shouting and saying stupid things.

I also have serious stuff like tops and faqs (I think that is the abbreviation of ''fan at quizes'')* which make people think and give their opinion.

*Faq es la abreviatura de ''Frequenty Asked Questions''.

Other of my greatest hobbies are reading and writing. I try to read everyday books, comics or artivles on the Internet. My favourite writers are H. P. Lovecraft (The Call of Cthulhu), Carlos Ruíz Zafón (The shadow of the wind) and Stan Lee (Marvel Comics). Years ago, I loved to write tales and short comic stories, but now I only write scripts for my series and future projects. Maybe, some day I will write a book like my cousin.

I think my favourite hobby is writing because I create and estimulate others' imagination.

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